Friday, September 30, 2011

Amazing Spider-Man #670

I have two Spider-Island tie-ins to get through this week, this comic and Venom #7. Since this is the series where the main Spider-Island story is being told, I figure I'll read this comic first and then check out Venom for what I'd assume is background stuff.

Amazing Spider-Man #670(Spider-Island tie-in):

Summary: While Mary Jane is running from the spider-creatures the denizens of Manhattan have turned into, Spider-Man can only watch as his girlfriend, Carlie, flies away with a whole slew of other giant spider-creatures. The woman behind all of this spidery madness, the Queen, is gloating about her success, and gives us a brief rundown of who she is. We also learn that Steve Rogers really WAS the Spider-King Venom fought in Venom #6, much to my surprise. Venom heads to the Queen disguised as the Spider-King, and upon learning that Anti-Venom was capable of reversing her spider-plague, the Queen sends Venom after him. Mayor Jameson, infuriated by the fact that he was infected by the spider-plague, leaves Horizon Labs at which time his limo is attacked by some giant spider-creatures. Spidey hops over to assist, but Jameson springs to action, taking down the spider-creatures himself, much to Spidey's amusement. MJ winds up getting cornered by the spider-creatures and gains spider-powers of her own RIGHT before she becomes spider-food. Venom and Anti-Venom battle each other, and Venom wins(I guess I'll see the full battle when I read Venom #7), dropping Anti-Venom off with Reed Richards, who believes he can fashion a cure of the spider-plague by using Anti-Venom's costume. Jameson takes Spidey to his command center where Spidey is shocked to find Alistair Smythe tied up there. It seems that Jameson is going to ask for Smythe's assistance in dealing with the spider-creatures running rampant in Manhattan even though Smythe murdered Jameson's wife. Smythe taunts Jameson for a while, at which time the Queen uses her powers to turn Jameson into a spider-creature. Now half-crazed, Jameson lunges at Smythe and bites his throat out as revenge for his wife's murder while Spidey watches in horror.

Thoughts: As usual, this comic was a good read. It wasn't a great read, but it WAS a good read. After reading this issue I have to say, I wish I'd have read Venom #7 first, since the end result of that comic was spoiled here... For the most part, I liked everything I read here. Spider-Jameson was awesome, and Spidey's verbal jousting with him was well done. In the end though, this was just a set-up issue, nothing more, nothing less.

Score: 8 out of 10.Look out, it's the Amazing Spider-Jameson!


  1. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    they did not just have j johnah jameson be the one to kill Alistair smythe (My favriote spider-man villian) :(
    you bastards!
    well...................... i gess it logicly makes sorta sense with the smythe hving killed his wife But sill.............. (EXTREMLY MIXED FEELING BUILD UP)

  2. one thing i find interesting this really adds to jameson' character him being willing to put aside his personal hatred for smythe for the sake of saving lives in his city by asking for his help
    and this is his second wife to be murdered (first was by a random masked burgler who i believe was never caught before spiderman appeared)
    i didnt expect any deep thoughts like this to come out of this saga

  3. I personally LOVE that Jameson was willing to ask for Smythe's assistance even though Smythe murdered his wife and Jameson had Smythe put on death row. Like you pointed out, it shows that Jameson was willing to do almost anything to try to help his city. So yeah, while Jameson could be an abrasive ass at times, he DOES love his city, and would even make a pact with one of the people you'd think he hates the most. Who knew Jameson would make such a good mayor!?

    Maybe Smythe won't die... I mean so his throat was bitten out... I've seen characters live through worse! :D