Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wonder Woman #1

And after a brief(and at times painful) trip to the Marvel Universe, it's back to DC as I get my first look at one-third of DC's Trinity, Wonder Woman. I'm expecting big things from this series, but let's face it, DC has let me down before...

Wonder Woman #1:

What Happened: Some weird guy turns three women into Oracles for him and has them describe what was going to happen. It seems the weird guy is a son of Zeus, and that Zeus hadn't been born yet... Or something. While that's going on, some woman creates Centaurs and sics them on another woman. The woman, Zola, is saved by Hermes, who tosses Zola a key that teleports her to Wonder Woman. WW gets dressed for action and the two women teleport back to Hermes' location. WW makes quick work of the Centaurs and begins to tend to the injured Hermes. Zola is obviously confused by all of this, but Hermes tells her that she had to be protected since she was pregnant by Zeus.

The Good: The action scenes were AWESOME! If I was wearing a hat right now I'd tip it to Cliff Chiang. This was Wonder Woman the way I love her, kicking ass and proving herself to be one of the DCU's top fighters. The villain of this piece, Zeus's son, seems like he could be interesting.

The Bad: While the art was great, the story was lacking... I just never really fell into this comic. Zola annoyed me, which is bad since it looks like she'll be sticking around for a while. There was A LOT of mystery going on here. There really wasn't a great cliffhanger to keep newbies to WW coming back for more next issue.

The Verdict: WW is one of those series I really can't ever see myself dropping, so it's still safe, even though I would have liked more here. It's rare when I laud the art in a comic more than the story, but here we are. So while this series didn't blow me away like Deathstroke or Nightwing, it was okay. I'll stick it out and hope that the mysterious stuff begins to make some semblance of sense soon.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.Finally, it's the real Wonder Woman... Kind of...


  1. For the record, he's clearly Apollo. :P HE said Sun of Zeus. And the woman is Hera, they even mention that Hera's trying to kill Zola. Take a Greek Mythology class yo. :P

  2. "Take a Greek Mythology class yo." HA!!! That is the oddest insult I've EVER had hurled my way!!! Um, I don't even have a comeback for that, so I'll simply nod my head and say thank you... :D

  3. HA!! JT Stole my chance to be the Greek Mytology teacher here,

    so I just going to say that Hera is know as the peacock too.

  4. By the way, you can pass and say hello at my Blog, you reviewed all by no =)

  5. Lol, I figured you'd like that, and the "yo" was icing on the cake. And yeah, go check out Alien's blog, ya jerkwad.

  6. You guys with your Greek Mythology... :/ So that's one area where I'm not all that strong. I can't be perfect in EVERY way you know! :P

    I've actually managed to review almost every comic I picked up on Wednesday, I have like 8 reviews saved on my computer to post over the next two days, once I type up the last few reviews tonight, I shall most definitely head over, Alien. And don't YOU go telling me what to do Team Cyclops!

  7. Well, well, well, I see I'm not the ONLY one who was waiting on this review. :-P

    Well since everyone put you to school on Greek Mythology, I won't say nothing lol.

    But I think the fact that this first issue was heavy with the Greek Mythology is what made me love it. Meh I like Roman Gods and their mythology, but Greek Mythology is my favorite. Also the action scenes were spot on with what I was expecting. Zola is a lil bit annoying but hopefully she'll mellow out on my "annoyance scale"

    I can't wait for the next issue. I don't know what the hell I'm going to do until then. Another whoooooooole month!!!

    Despite your score :-P I really enjoyed reading your review. You know me and you are the WW fanatics so I'm always waiting for your opinion.

  8. I'm Team Cyclops X, I HAVE to tell you what to do. :P

  9. Yep, my knowledge of Greek Mythology is rudimentary at best... Most of what I know I picked up in 5th grade or from comic books, so yeah... :P

    I'm curious to see where things go with this series too, Lisha. I just wasn't blown away by it(unfortunately...). This was probably another case of me getting my hopes up too high and then being let down by my impossible expectations. But you know me, it's WW, so I'll be getting it no matter what I thought about this one issue.

    HA!!! You know JT, that's both funny AND true!