Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mighty Thor #5

Now this is a series that has been very surprising... In a good way! I was never what you'd call a Thor fan, but this series, along with Journey Into Mystery, really has me getting into Thor, Loki, Odin and Asgard, something I'd never have expected to say a year ago... What's next? I start reading and enjoying Hulk comics!?

Mighty Thor #5:

Summary: While Thor and the Silver Surfer battle on Mars, Odin has had enough of his mental fight with Galactus and grows to Galactus's size and... headbutts him?! Um, okay... The force of Odin's headbutt sends both Odin and Galactus crashing to Earth, conveniently to the site of Asgard. Sif rushes to Thor to tell him the news, so the Surfer and Thor cease their battles for the time being to head to their respective masters. Upon arriving, Thor heads to his father, who babbles something about the seed from the Life Tree possibly saving Thor from the Serpent before entering the Odinsleep. Meanwhile, Loki sneaks into Odin's armory and steals the seed from the Destroyer robot(which is where Odin hid it), and heads towards the World Tree, hopping into the large split in the Tree. Galactus rises and is met by the Surfer, who tells Galactus to forget about the seed, since the Asgardians were obviously willing to battle Galactus to the last man, and the Surfer wasn't sure Galactus would be able to emerge victorious against such odds. Galactus disregards the Surfer's warnings and declares the he would have the seed for himself. As Galactus begins to head towards the ruins of Asgard, a single minister, who had headed to Asgard to confront the Asgardians, turns to meet Galactus... For some reason...

Thoughts: Eh. I don't know why, but I never really got fully into this one... The Surfer/Thor fight scenes were really good, but I didn't like the Odin/Galactus stuff... I mean really, a headbutt? And the fact that they both fell TO Asgard, from outer space, was a bit much for me. The sub-story between the minister and the townspeople of Broxton and Volstagg didn't interest me in the least, while I was a bit intrigued by Loki's antics, as it appears(and with Loki, appearances can be deceiving) Loki was planning on putting the World Tree's seed back in the World Tree, thus leaving Galactus no reason to continue battling the Asgardians. So there was some good and some bad, making this a pretty average read.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.Look out! It's Odin's finishing move, the deadly Asgardian Headbutt!!!


  1. * looks around*

    I know this isn't the place to just come and ask questions, lol but, got any good recommendations of X-Men comics concentrating on Rogue or Kitty Pryde, or Jean Grey? Lol, I'm sure this is a pretty dumb question. But I didn't know where to turn!! Google sure as hell didn't help :-\

  2. You can ask me anything you want, Lisha! It doesn't matter where!

    Now to the question at hand... To be 100% honest with you, I'm probably not the right guy to ask that question to... I've never liked Rogue, she's always seemed like a ditzy bimbo, and I absolutely HATE Kitty Pryde, who is basically a total whore. So yeah. :P

    Now Jean is another story altogether. She's probably my favorite female X-Man. As for great Jean-centric stories, you probably couldn't go wrong with the classic Dark Phoenix Saga, which is available in like 10 different trades. I was talking to JT about Grant Morrison's New X-Men run the other night, and Jean was a big part of that team. She basically served as the classy counterpoint to the more slutty Emma. Um, the Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix was a pretty good mini-series from the 90's that dealt with Cyclops and Jean heading to the future to raise Cable. There are probably other Jean oriented comics that I'm not thinking of right now, but those are what's coming to mind right now. I mean I could give you runs of comics where Jean appeared in, but I can't think of too many instances where she had a major storyline revolve around her. I know this wasn't much help, but I'll keep thinking.

  3. Aww you're such a sweetheart!!!

    LOL @ your comment about Rogue and Kitty. I've been watching X-Men: Evolution on Netflix and it's been my way of getting to know the characters. And at the beginning at HATED Kitty, they made her so snobby. I got used to her. I wanted to see if that's how she was in the comics. I like Rogue more so for her powers, at least how they're portrayed in the cartoon, lol.

    Now Jean, that's my girl. I'll definitely look into getting some of her trades to add to my collection to get to one day, lol. Hell maybe they'll have something in the store I can pick up right then and there. Because we all know I can never go in there to get my weekly's and come right out.

    Mucho gracias for giving me a stepping stone to reading some good Phoenix comics. You're the best :)

  4. I loved X-Men Evolution, and the Rogue in that cartoon is WAY superior to the Rogue in the comics imo. The Rogue in the Ultimate X-Men comics is actually kind of similar to the Rogue in that cartoon just so you know. As for Kitty... I hated her in the regular Marvel U, I hated her in Evolution, and I hate her in the Ultimate Marvel Universe, so yeah... I have NOTHING good to say about her! :P

    As for Jean, I'll keep thinking about any particular comics she really starred in for you...

  5. This show is just too cool for school. It brings the inner child out, lol. It's like they captured how it would be for teenage mutants. I mean it's already HELL being a teenager, on top of finding out your a mutant, gotta be akward. Lol. Well I guess I'll keep enjoying Rogue on the cartoon lol.

    I still dislike Kitty a lot, but I just thought she'd be a character I'd learn to like. However the episode I finished watching introduced Beast, LOVE him. His character is just likeable. And of course you know I'm loving my girl storm. I had NO idea she was claustrophobic until I saw that episode focused on her and looked up the reason behind it. See you can learn from cartoons, lol.

    And thanks X, you're a total sweetheart. I'm too excited to get to the comic shop to see if they have some Phoenix trades. I must wait til Wednesday, because if I go before then I'll buy a ton of stuff and then go on Wednesday and buy more lol.

  6. There have actually been some pretty good comic series that dealt with how hellish it is to be born both a mutant and being a teenager. The Ultimate X-Men series did a pretty good job of that(most of the time).

    Yeah, behind Jean, Storm is my favorite female X-Man, I'm glad to see she'd making a comeback in the X-books after her stupid marriage to Black Panther. And yep, she's claustrophobic in the comics as well. That's one of the many great things about Stomr that helps her have such a distinct character.

    Cool. Like I said, I'll keep thinking to see if I can come up with more trades/stories for ya!

  7. I'll have to give the Ultimate X-Men series a look. I kinda like seeing them go through hell lol.

    And Storm is my favorite of the X-Men women. I know sometimes when I look at heroes I see them as being this super being that isn't afraid of anything. But they have weaknesses too and that what makes them interesting characters.

    And now that I think about it, lol, in an episode Kitty was dancing a bit whorish, lol, I should've known. She's slowly losing grip and heading into my hate pile lol. It's like she's cool then she does something so stupid and she pisses me off once again lol.

  8. I think I managed to convince JT to pick up the new Ultimate X-Men series coming out later this month, so just steal his copy! :P

    Storm's story was always really interesting. Like I said before, Marvel messed up with her lately by having her marry Black Panther(after the two barely knew each other...) and vanish from the X-books for a few years, but it looks like she's coming back to where she belongs come November, which is great as far as I'm concerned!

    HA!!! See! Even in the cartoon she couldn't stop acting all slutty! :D

  9. Lol, I think I recall JT asking the shop to order it or hold it for it. I'll snag it after he reads it. Which I need to have them hold Astonishing X-Men vol 2. I'm almost done with Vol. 1 and I freaking love it, lol. I've been itching to read some X-Men comics and finally got a chance to and love it.

    I've heard Black Panther was preeeeety lame, lol. So the fact they just married her off to a lame sounds pretty stupid. lol. I think it's because they're black, lol, maybe that's just me!

    Kitty isn't in the X-Men from the 90's is she? I'm almost through the 56 episodes Netflix has up for X-Men: Evolution, so I'll be moving on to X-Men from the 90's. I need a break from her, lol.

  10. Awesome! Check you out getting all knowledgeable on the X-Men! Soon I'll be asking YOU for recommendations on good X-stories! :D

    It's not just you, Lisha... If I remember correctly, Marvel married them during Black History Month to try to get some positive publicity since they were like Marvel's two most prominent black characters. As a fan of Storm though it annoyed me because they put this lame back story(that was never mentioned before!) about the two of them having a romance when they were younger or something. It was all really pathetic and against Storm's character. Plus it took her out of the X-books for YEARS.

    Nope, she's not in the 90's X-Men cartoon. I love that cartoon and still catch episodes every now and then when I'm bored On Demand!