Sunday, September 25, 2011

Batman and Robin #1

Here's a comic that I've been waiting over a week to get my hands on. I have severe reservations about Bruce and Damian Wayne working together in the same title, but maybe DC can get that pairing to work...

Batman & Robin #1:

What Happened: Bruce and Damian Wayne(that would be Batman and Robin for those of you COMPLETELY new to comic books), head out to take down some criminals. However, Bruce soon learns that Damian doesn't want to take orders from him and this almost leads to disaster during a mission. Fortunately, only some scumbag criminals end up dying due to Damian's insubordination... Well, unfortunately if you were the criminals I guess... Meanwhile, some villain named Nobody is killing members of Batman Inc.

The Good: The art was good. I can't help myself, I like Damian. It's taken a while, but he's grown on me. Nobody hunting down Batmen could make for some good storytelling.

The Bad: As I feared, the dynamic between Damian and Bruce just didn't click for me. Dick Grayson and Damian worked because you had the lighthearted Dick to counter the dark, gloomy Damian. Now you have the dark and gloomy Bruce and the darker and gloomier Damian... Bruce and Damian bickering with one another is going to get tiresome quickly for me... Before he died/disappeared, Bruce seemed to have earned Damian's respect, was that wiped out with the reboot?

The Verdict: There's definitely some promise here, but I really hate the Damian/Bruce dynamic. I don't want to read Batman & Batman... That's like having a peanut butter and peanut butter sandwich... You need some jelly too! I won't be dropping this series, but I do hope that Damian either lightens up a bit(and no, I'm not saying he should become Grayson-esque, but just a bit less angry) or Bruce fires him and takes on a new Robin. Give Damian a solo series instead. I know I'd buy it.

Score: 7 out of 10.“I'm Batman!” “No, I'm Batman!!”


  1. I'm batman
    No I'm batman !
    I'm Batman & so is my wife !

  2. WHY is tim drake living in Lex Tower

  3. I have literally no clue, Movieartman... I can't even venture a guess. Then again, why DC does half the things they do baffles me at times. I guess I'll know after Wednesday.

  4. I assume it is something like Trump Tower in which he is living there because he has a rich foster father, so lives in one of the most expensive places.

  5. and why this kid flash is not related with Barry Allen? I thought he was Bart =?

  6. Wait, really?!? If that ISN'T Bart Allen, I am going to be SOOOOOOOOO pissed off...

  7. sorry X i thought that you had already reed the preview..

  8. No need to apologize, Alien... But man, if that's the case I'm gonna be SO angry...