Saturday, September 3, 2011

X's Official Pull List post!

Hey all, X here with one of those, “I don't really have anything to post...” posts! With no new comics left in my pile, I've been happily sifting through my plethora of unread back issues, which is funny in a way since so many of my unread DC back issues hold zero interest for me now... I mean I had like the first 25 issues of Supergirl, the full JSA Classified run, most of the JLA Classified run, the GLC mini-series that tied into the main series, as well as some other books that I actually put away even though I never read them, all thanks to the great DC Reboot of '11. It's hard to work up interest in the stories from the 1990's and 2000's since DC has basically said the stuff from those time periods(unless written by Grant Morrison of Johns the Destroyer) don't matter. So yeah, I put those comics in boxes and put them away in the closet unread. It's sad in a way...

Anyway, with the DC reboot upon us, I figured I'd list all of the comic books I collect on a monthly basis, Marvel, DC or other, so you guys can get some idea of what you can expect to see here on the blog during the coming weeks and months.

Let's start with Marvel:
Amazing Spider-Man
Avengers Academy
Daken: Dark Wolverine
Invincible Iron Man
Iron Man 2.0
Journey Into Mystery
Mighty Thor
New Mutants
Secret Avengers
Uncanny X-Force
Uncanny X-Men
Heroes for Hire
Ultimate X-Men
Ultimate Spider-Man
Captain America
Captain America and Bucky

These are the rebooted DC books I'll be getting:
Detective Comics
Batman and Robin
Batman: The Dark Knight
Red Hood and the Outlaws
Green Lantern: New Guardians
I, Vampire
Justice League Dark
Static Shock
Teen Titans
Legion of Superheroes
Legion Lost
Suicide Squad
Action Comics
Wonder Woman

Closing things out are two Image comics:
Morning Glories

And one Boom! Title

So that's 55 regular monthly series, not counting the various mini-series and assorted spur of the moment pick-ups. So yes, that's a lot of comics, and that's not counting books like Wolverine and the X-Men or Generation Hope that I'll be picking up/restarting down the road. On the plus side, I will be dropping some books soon(like Uncanny X-Men), and most of those DC books will be on a VERY short leash. The rebooted DC titles are interesting in that I WON'T be picking up ANYTHING that isn't on that initial list(there's no chance in Hell I'll start collecting Flash, JL, JLI, Aquaman, GL, etc) no matter what I hear about the other books, but I WILL be willing to drop comics after two issues... Honestly, out of the DC books, the only titles I never see myself dropping are the Batman family of books(all the main Bat-titles plus Catwoman, Nightwing, Red Hood), Action Comics, Superman, Superboy, Stormwatch, Grifter, Teen Titans and Justice League Dark. All of those other titles could be lopped off the pull list come October/November depending on story quality. So come November, there's a chance I'll have halved my DC pull list if things go REALLY bad, which is a distinct possibility with THAT company...

So there you have it, a post about pretty much nothing that only took me a couple of minutes to type up. Feel free to drop me any comments on which comics you pick up monthly or go ahead and recommend some comics to me. Trust me, it doesn't take a lot of convincing to get me to start collecting comic books! Or hell, drop me a random comic comment or e-mail me at and leave me a comment or post topic idea for tomorrow... As it stands right now I MAY post a review of some sort or I MAY just post some random comic scans come tomorrow, but I can be swayed to do something else. Well, that's it for me tonight, enjoy the rest of your night/day/whatever. Until next time, X out!


  1. X says "

    I feel I have commented on you thinking this way before, but do you never read back issues? Just for fun?

    Right now I find myself searching shops and on-line for cheap 70's and 80's reads (Superman or Batman themed or Marvel books with team-ups)....

    Granted those came out before I started collecting but I find some gems occasionally and usually like the hokiness (is that a word) of most of them...

  2. Wait....I thought I quoted you thusly:

    "which is funny in a way since so many of my unread DC back issues hold zero interest for me now..."

  3. Oh, quite the opposite, Mock. I read a TON of back issues! I mean I have a collection well over 13,000 books at last count, and always rising! Just last night I read a few of the Busiek/Perez Avengers comics from the late 90's/early 2000's that I had laying around for like three years! If I see a good collection of books that I don't have, and can get them cheap, I'll buy them and put them off to the side for a rainy day. I have PILES of unread back issues to get through, it's just that some of the DC back issues, since they mean less than nothing in the grand scheme of things, hold no real interest for me anymore... Take Supergirl for example. Why bother reading about her first appearances when in a few week's I'll be reading about her NEW first appearances? I'm actually more willing to read my Marvel back issues as opposed to the DC ones at this point. There are still a TON of DC back issues I have piled up that I plan on reading some day(a mess of Wally West Flash books, Morrison's JLA run, a mess of early Jason Todd Batman books from the 80's, some various mini-series, stuff like that), but some of those other DC back issues have just lost their luster for me... Maybe in a few years I'll give them a read out of curiosity, but right now I figure I should clear my mind(as well as space in my comic book room!) for the new DC stuff.

  4. Gotcha...thanks for the clarification!

  5. No problem! I love reading back issues, but now there are some DC back issues I'm just not interested in reading... If that makes sense! :D

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  7. ops.. talking about Back issues i just finished the first arc of the Morrison JLA.. what can i say.. it was awesome... and I am really hooked to continue reading.

    I can believe the good character Aquaman was back here, and why Jhons believes, that he was treated as a Joke Before him and now Jhons comes to saves the honor of the good Aquaman.. #$&%#

    I would like to know your opinion about this series =)

  8. You're making me want to read Morrison's JLA now, Alien! I haven't started it yet, but maybe that'll be the next big comic run I start to read!

    Aquaman was VERY well written during the 90's! There was a really good Aquaman series from the 90's written mainly by Peter David that I really enjoyed. So once again, I have NO idea what the hell Johns the Destroyer is babbling about...

  9. Okay, first question, since the reboot is happening, would you say your pull list has shrunk any?!

    Well, I must say that I'm still excited to see you've pulled so many DC reboots. So you know what that meaaaaaans!!!! I'll be here more than ever! lol. Commenting my heart out!

    And I don't remember exactly when I, Vampire comes out, but I'll definitely be checking out your review for it. That was a comic I was seriously on the borderline of deciding whether I would pick it up or not.

  10. Oddly enough, Lisha? I think my pull list actually grew a bit! And that's coming from somebody who HATES the idea of the reboot! :P Granted, I'll probably drop a few of those reboot titles if they don't catch my attention right away, but for September, I'll be picking up TONS of comics!

    Awesome! And you KNOW I'll be eagerly awaiting your thoughts!

    I, Vampire was a last minute pick up for me... I don't know what swayed me to give it a shot, but yeah, I'll def be getting at least the first two issues. It seemed oddly interesting...

  11. Lol, and just when you thought your pockets were gonna have a relief of giving away so much money!! Lol.

    I, Vampire was seriously a coin flip type situation. My curious mind was seriously thinking about picking it up. Then I thought about whether or not I felt myself looking forward to picking up the next issue after reading it, and then I decided not to get it. But you know me X, I can't turn down a recommendation by you, lol. If you think this comic is awesome, I'll prolly start picking it up lol.

  12. Yeah... My poor pockets are in for a beating again... Between the reboot and Fear Itself, I'll be spending tons on comics. Hopefully come the late fall/winter I'll be able to cut back a bit!

    Don't you worry, Lisha, I'll keep you in mind as i read I, Vampire #1 and get that review done as soon as I can.

  13. x man... i see you have the new ultimates title in your list. Ultimatum was..well dissturbing to say the least..yet i have this weird curiosity as to where they gonna take the story now.(is it true that it has something to do with wolverines's kid?)

  14. whoops sorry...that would be ultimate x... my bad...

  15. Calling Ultimatum simply disturbing is putting it mildly, AVS!

    Yep, Ultimate X did deal with Wolvie's kid, but I think Wolvie's kid(Jimmy Hudson) is going to be a member of the new Ultimate X-Men squad(possibly as Wolverine). Plus I really enjoyed Ultimate X, delays and all.

    All in all, I stopped reading most of the Ultimate books before Ultimatum, but I've got to say, I'm pretty excited to see what's going to happen in the shaken up Ultimate Marvel U.