Saturday, September 17, 2011

Daken: Dark Wolverine #14

Hey, it's time for me to take a look at what used to be my favorite X-family book, Daken: Dark Wolverine. Unfortunately, after a good first issue helming this series, Rob Williams just hasn't been able to write Daken in the same way Marjorie Liu and Dan Way could... I'm still hopeful that Williams CAN turn this sinking ship around(just get Daken off those damned drugs!!!), but I tend to lose a bit more hope with each passing issue...

Daken: Dark Wolverine #14:

Summary: This issue gets underway with Daken and Moon Knight battling it out. It seems that Moon Knight believes that he's Wolverine(ooooookay then), while Daken is still high on the Heat drug. The Heat causes Daken to act and fight irrationally, which leads to him and Moon Knight falling out of a window several stories up. While Moon Knight and Daken are falling, FBI agent Donna Kiel is tracking the Claws Killer through the building Moon Knight and Daken had fallen out of. Eventually Kiel finds the Claws Killer, a figure who appears to be a telepathic version of Daken(!). Kiel chases the Killer outside, where Moon Knight and Daken have gotten up and continued their battle. Daken, now in a full-on berserker rage, begins slashing Moon Knight with his claws until Moon Knight gets a pep talk from an imaginary Captain America, who tells Moon Knight to use control and technique to counter Daken's wild fighting. Imaginary Cap's advice works(is there anything Cap CAN'T do?!) and Moon Knight manages to put Daken down. Daken, still whacked out of his mind thanks to the Heat, tells Moon Knight that he was having a heart attack(wha?) before getting up and running into an alley. Upon getting into the alley, Daken runs towards Kiel, who was still tracking the Claws Killer, and mistaking Daken for the Daken she saw inside, shoots Daken in the head... Man did I use the word “Daken” a lot in that last sentence... Anyway, Moon Knight rushes over and this issue closes with Moon Knight and Kiel stand over Daken, while the Claws Killer(who still looks like Daken) watches from a nearby rooftop.

Thoughts: Ugh... This goddamn Heat storyline just won't end... I wish Rob Williams would just kill it already... Daken taking drugs and acting out of control and crazed is just counter to all of the work Dan Way put into Daken since Daken's first appearance. As for the Claws Killer looking exactly like Daken, I'm going to chalk that up to the Claws Killer being a telepath... I mean how else would he have known about aspects of Kiel's childhood and her private thoughts. Personally, I wish the Claws Killer was the real Daken and the Daken that got shot in the head was a defective clone, but somehow I doubt that's gonna happen...

Score: 6 out of 10.Hopefully that bullet will knock some sense into Daken's damned head!


  1. mm off topic..

    What do yopu think about this and what would be your proposal?

  2. You know what? This is so good I'm gonna do a full post on it!

  3. "Daken taking drugs and acting out of control and crazed is just counter to all of the work Dan Way put into Daken since Daken's first appearance."

    I hate when writers do that. It's like you're just wasting the time of what the prior writer did. And I hope this story line ends soon. I ready to read some more reviews on the good stuff.

  4. Exactly. That's what Geoff Johns does so well too. Takes the work that prior writers have done, and, in plain English, shits all over it. I just can't see Daken acting like a hopped up junkie, but there it is.