Monday, September 26, 2011

Supergirl #1

Wow, I can't believe it but I've ALMOST gotten through every single one of my comics from last week... We begin the trek towards the end of the new comic pile with my first look at Supergirl in the new DCU.

Supergirl #1:

What Happened: Supergirl crashes down to Earth and winds up coming to a stop in Siberia. Some shadowy government-type figure send mechanized troops to SG's location as she's coming to, trying to figure out what was happening. At first SG figures she was dreaming until the mechanized troops attack her. SG lashes out in confusion and manages to break one of the mechs, grabbing the pilot and demanding to know what was going on in her native Kryptonian. Before SG cam do any damage to the man, Superman races over, separates SG from the men and tells her in Kryptonian to stop.

The Good: Pretty much everything! The story was exceptionally strong and immediately gave the reader a reason to care about Supergirl. The story, dialogue and artwork combined perfectly to bring us SG's plight. The cliffhanger left me eagerly awaiting the next issue.

The Bad: I hate SG's costume... Where the hell are her pants?! Speaking of costumes, this was the first comic I've read with the modern version of Superman's costume in it and HIS costume was fugly as well... What the hell is with Jim Lee and collars?

The Verdict: When all I can gripe about in a comic is the costumes, that should give you a pretty good understanding of how I felt about it. Michael Green and Mike Johnson did a wonderful job of telling the old, “stranger in a strange land” story here. These rebooted DC comics have been really hit or miss for me, but I'm happy to say that this series is one of the biggest hits for me yet.

Score: 9 out of 10.See, now THIS is the way to reboot a character!


  1. I loved this issue, it did a great job rebooting her, tying together her powers with the Earth's sun, explaining her confusion to being new on this planet, I mean it was the perfect starter issue in my opinion.

  2. Agreed completely, JT. I guess you decided against doing a review for it?

  3. ........... she didnt have pants before
    my only problem with her outfit was the missing knees (wtf)
    supermans outfit i like but not by this artist
    check this pic of it any better?

    sorry to seem pushy but please review uncanny x-men soon really wanna see what u thought of it
    this one i really cant predict ur reaction too
    unlike the previous issue witch u liked

  4. Yaaaaay!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed this issue. Lol. This was a last minute add to our pull list. And I haven't read Supergirl before (even though I have two trades, lol) but I'm loving it. Everything about it was sweet.

  5. But she had the skirt. This outfit just seemed odd, especially the knees... That is actually a better Supes costume, although it's probably going to take me some time to get used to the metallic/robot look.

    I just finished reading Uncanny earlier tonight and will probably start the review later on tonight(which I'll probably post tomorrow). This issue was a HUGE step backwards for me, although it did have some... um, interesting moments...

    There's another vote of confidence for SG! This issue was way better than I expected, Lisha. Supergirl was one of those comics I was ready to drop if I didn't like the first issue, but after reading this? SG is definitely safe.

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  7. I agree with all of you, here was nice surprice for me, and I want more if this NOW. cuz I can not wait to see the interaction between Kal-el and and this Kara angrily and confused Kara Zor El

  8. Yep X, I'm a lazy lazy man. So yeah, I admit it.

  9. That's just sad, JT...

    Same here, Alien. I can't wait to see SG's reaction to Supes come the next issue!