Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A little something for everyone!

Hey there X-Maniacs, I figured I'd check in with a quick little post since I skipped yesterday. I've already finished typing up most of tomorrow's New Comic Day post, I should be getting between 13 and 14 comics depending on how much money I feel like spending. The opening paragraph is completely done, I just have to finish up th second paragraph when I get my books tomorrow. So that's what's on tap for tomorrow. As for today, I figure I'd post 4 scans featuring four Internet favorite characters. As you can see, when in doubt as to what to post, I always go back to the old standby of posting scans... You'd think with logic like that my scan blog with be flourishing, but alas, that's not the case. So anyway, here are those previously mentioned scans. Enjoy! Or don't. As for me, it's X out time, at least until tomorrow afternoon.

Daken: Dark WolverineThat Daken is a smooth one...

Nightwing and StarfireSo wait, if I'm reading this correctly, Dick could get some threesome action going here if he played his cards right?

Steve Rogers: Super-SoldierSee, even a super-soldier can have a bad day.


  1. Dick: Why...if I had a nickel for everytime Kory sent a teammate in to play tonsil hockey while she peeked outside with her giant cat eyes, I'd be pulling down Lex Luthor money!

  2. heh...I think I might need to start reading Daken.

  3. Gues what?.. now i`m hooked again with this X men stuff..
    think that i can give it a chance



  4. Starfire is a weird one, JT... Or at least pre-reboot Starfire WAS a wierd one...

    Lebeau, I'd NEVER tell somebody NOT to read Daken, even though it's not as great lately as it once was.

    Great! You know if you have any questions about X-Men stuff I'll be happy to fill you in where I can, Alien.

  5. Actually I have some questions questions, why Deadpool wears different here? is a another Deathpool or something?
    who is Psylocke?
    and why she is in the two teams?

  6. Ah, I can clear that up easy! Since X-Force is supposed to be a secret team that nobody knows about, the characters in it wear slightly different variations of their regular costumes. As for Psylocke, that one's a bit more tricky to answer... She's the twin sister of Capt. Britain, who wound up getting trapped in the body of a Japanese ninja... Yeah, it's weird. She has telepathic and some telekinetic powers, with her main attack being a psychic knife that can scramble the brains of anybody she hits with it. Basically she's a kickass ninja with some psychic abilities. She's probably on two teams because X-Force is a secret team, so the other X-characters aren't supposed to know she's there. I hope that helped a little!