Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wolverine #15

Time to take a look at my most anticipated book for the week, Wolverine #15. As far as I was concerned, the last issue was perfect. Will this issue follow suit? One can only hope...

Wolverine #15:

Summary: This book is slightly out of order, so as always, I'll try to tackle this issue in as linear a fashion as possible. Wolverine heads to a small town dragging a coffin, asking some of the surprised townspeople where he could find a woman. Most of the townspeople don't want Wolvie or his trouble in their town, except for one townswoman, who offers to take Wolvie to the woman he was looking for. The location of the woman Wolvie was searching for? A graveyard, since she died of natural causes years ago. Upon hearing that, Wolvie opens the coffin, revealing one of the illegitimate children he killed over the course of the last few issues. Needless to say, the townswoman quickly leaves when Wolvie begins digging a grave next to his dead son's mother. From there, Wolvie heads back into town and gets himself fall down drunk. While loaded, Wolvie hallucinates that Daken, Dog and his father were there tormenting him and laughing at him for what the Red Right Hand had done to him. While hallucinating, some thugs try to steal Wolvie's wallet, which leads to Wolvie accidentally slashing one. One of the thugs slashes Wolvie's throat in retribution before the thugs hightail it away. After waking up, Wolvie calls Melita and tells her that he wasn't coming back, as well as asking her to tell the X-Men to just let him be. With that, Wolvie heads to the wilderness of Canada, climbs a mountain, reaches the peak and throws himself off of it over and over again, since the moment he strikes the ground he is without pain or thought for a few seconds before his healing factor kicks in and he remembers everything he'd done...

Thoughts: Wow, that was a bit of a downer, no? Poor Wolvie. It was issues like this that made me love the Wolverine's Revenge! storyline so much though... Usually a Wolverine comic follows a common path... Somebody wrongs Logan and/or one of Logan's friends/loved ones/teammates, Logan goes through hardship to reach the guilty party, we get a fight and win or lose, Logan moves on. This time around, there IS no fight... The Red Right Hand stole that from Wolvie. With no fight, there's no closure for Wolvie, so he CAN'T move on. He murdered a mess of his own illegitimate children, and the people behind Wolvie's antics got away with it scot-free. Not only that, but in a perverse way, Wolvie DESERVED the punishment he received from the Red Right Hand, because he took it upon himself to kill his kids. That's what I liked about this issue so much. It showed Wolvie totally and utterly defeated, with no enemy to battle, not knowing what to do except to try to punish himself for his transgressions. So while this issue wasn't QUITE as enjoyable as the last one, it was pretty damn close!

Score: 9 1/2 out of 10.Even as a drunken hallucination Daken rules!


  1. hmmmm...this certainly seems to be a shift from the regular hack and slash wolverine stories...but i wonder where they can take it from here.. very very curious to see..... hats off to the new direction !!

  2. It is a real nice shift from your basic, run of the mill Wovie story, but like you said AVS, I'm not quite sure where the story can go from here... Wolvie's alone and suicidal in the Canadian wilderness. I guess SOMEBODY will arrive to raise his spirits back up, I'll be interested to see who that somebody is.

  3. Tha Alpha Flight since Marvel is going to lauch a series with them

  4. Ugh, I hope it's not Alpha Flight... I tried reading the first issue of that series and never bothered to get the second issue... It was that bad!