Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kick-Ass 2 #4

What the hell?! Didn't an issue of this series JUST come out last month?! I am SHOCKED to see a new issue dropping so soon! Here's hoping Millar and Romita Jr. can keep this pace up, because I do loves me some Kick-Ass!

Kick-Ass 2 #4(of 7... I think):

Summary: While Kick-Ass and his Justice Forever teammates are trying to figure out what to do about the brutal death of the leader, Colonel Stripe, the Mother-Fucker and his crew have arrived at the home of Kick-Ass's longtime crush, Katie. After gunning down some kids in the street, the MFer and company enter the house, murder Katie's father and rape her to send a message to Kick-Ass. While the MFer and his crew are brutalizing Katie, the police arrive after reports of shots fired and are gunned down by the Mother-Fucker's bodyguard, Mother Russia. Mother Russia slaughters 10 ill-prepared cops, after which time the MFer and company leave and disappear into the night. The police department, with some help from the FBI, manage to trace the IP addresses of as many costumed idiots as they could and storm out in force to detain them. While that's going on, Kick-Ass and his friends have headed to the hospital to visit the still unconscious Katie. Kick-Ass blames himself since he mentioned Katie while he was being tortured in the last mini-series, and gets a text from the MFer stating that instead of worrying about Katie, Kick-Ass should be worrying about his father. Kick-Ass races out of the hospital to get home, just as the police arrive at the apartment of Kick-Ass and his dad. Kick-Ass's dad realizes why the cops were there and turns himself in, telling the police HE was Kick-Ass in an effort to protect his son. This issue ends with Kick-Ass arriving home just in time to see his old man loaded into the back of a police cruiser.

Thoughts: I could really just cut and paste what I had to say about issue #3 and use it here, because I felt the exact same about THIS issue. As I said before, this series is NOT for everybody. I mean hell, just read the name of the main villain of the piece and you should understand that! There are people who'd say this series is too violent, too profane, too graphic, you know, unacceptable. And that's fine. But personally? I love this frigging series! Yes, it's all of the things I mentioned above, by the story, dialogue and artwork just mesh beautifully. So while this series may not be for everybody, it IS for me. The over-the-top violence did a great job of establishing just how dangerous and crazy the Mother-Fucker is. I mean this is a guy with NO redeeming qualities! He's the perfect villain. Even though this issue focused heavily on the MFer and his crew and didn't really have all that much Kick-Ass in it, I still enjoyed it thoroughly. And the twist at the end, with Kick-Ass's old man taking the fall for his son? Perfect. It made perfect sense, and it SHOULD lead to all types of trouble for Kick-Ass as his father is now a sitting duck in prison, especially in light of the MFer's threat. So yeah, I liked this one. Here's hoping JRJR and Mark Millar can keep the rest of this mini coming out monthly, because I KNOW I'll be looking forward to issue #5!

Score: 9 1/2 out of 10.Damn, and I thought the Joker was an evil bastard!


  1. Couldn't agree more. The Motherfucker is one of the best villains I've read about because he just does not give a damn. I mean when he opened fire so nonchalantly on those kids, killed Katie's Dad, socked her in the face then did what he did next, my jaw dropped. I mean the guy's an asshole and you WANT to see him get taken down so it makes him a great villain in that regard. Also, I can't wait to see Hit-Girl vs. Mother Russia.

  2. Exactly, and EXACTLY! You WANT to see the Mother-Fucker get his ass kicked, especially after THIS issue! And I was thinking the EXACT same thing re: Mother Russia and Hit-Girl. You KNOW that's gonna be the co-main event in issue #7!

  3. My thing is, there's no way MF is gonna keep Kick-Ass' identity secret unless he just wants to torture him Joker style, so eventually he's gonna have to die. And man... Girl vs. Mother is going to be EPIC. I can see Mother Russia losing some limbs in that fight.

  4. Oh yeah, one of them is definitely gonna die at the end of this mini. My money's on MFer, but you never know... I'll say the same about Hit-Girl and Mother Russia... Who knows what Millar and JRJR are gonna do in that fight, because Russia is a BEAST!

  5. So, will Katie finally dump Carl?

  6. Huh, I completely forgot about Katie's boyfriend... I didn't see him at that hospital, so maybe they already broke up?