Thursday, September 8, 2011

X-Factor #224.1

It's one of those Marvel.1 issues! Um yeah... That's about as much of an introduction as I can think up right now...

X-Factor #224.1:

Summary: This is an easy issue to review. Jamie Madrox and Layla Miller head to the house Jamie grew up in and meet, greet and talk to a single mother and her young son(who were living there) about X-Factor(for any .1 newbies picking this title up for the first time). As for the rest of X-Factor, they battle and defeat some weird demonic creature in a small town near Jamie's boyhood home. Jamie leaves his card with the woman living at his old house before collecting his team and leaving. This one ends with a scene showing the woman living in Jamie's old house laying in a pool of blood with the phrase, “U should have hid better” scrawled on the wall in blood, which was the exact thing Layla told the woman's son earlier this issue.

Thoughts: Meh. This comic wasn't exactly written for somebody like me, who has collected and read this entire series up to this point. It was definitely aimed at any fans who wanted to jump in here since this was one of those Marvel.1 issues. I mean the story was okay and all, but the story was basically a vehicle to tell the reader who each member of the team was and what they could do. I'd be more interested to see what somebody new to the series thought of this one, since, as I said, this wasn't an issue written with longtime X-Factor fans in mind.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.What a team...


  1. I hate that Peter David has to pander for new readers with a .1 issue. This is easily one of the best books in current publication and if comic book readers haven't been keeping up on it, I question their taste.

  2. Agreed! This issue was really a waste for those of us who read every issue of this series... I don't need a comic where Jamie is telling the reader about each member of the team... I know all that already! And as for any new readers, just start picking up X-Factor, within an issue or three you'll know what's going on with each character because PAD is that good a writer. I wonder if these Marvel.1 titles have even worked in gaining Marvel any new readers...

  3. as a DC reader I can not believe the way you complain for this, men at least they do not Reboot the whole Universe!! =)

  4. Oh come on, Alien, you know that I complain about everything! Although you're right, NOTHING is as bad as DC! :P