Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ultimates #2

Wow, I busted out 81 posts last month, 70 of which were comic reviews! That's the most posts I've done in a month since May of 2009! How wild is that?! Anyway, that's last month, let's look at this month... I have one DC comic and a trio of Marvel comics on tap for today, with the Marvel books consisting of two Ultimate titles and the latest issue of Venom(which was spoiled in Amazing Spidey #670, thank you very much Marvel...). First up? The second issue of the new look Ultimates.

Ultimate Comics Ultimates #2:

Summary: This issue begins with a story of Reed Richards' EVIL Future Foundation that was built in a city where time moved ultra quick. After about a millennium of development(but only something like 5 minutes normal time), the FFers emerge from their city intent on taking over the Earth(or something similar). They immediately run into Thor and the European super-soldiers, and needless to say, it's on. Meanwhile, Tony Stark is resuscitated after the bombing last issue and is told by Nick Fury to get to Germany where the Thor/FF battle was raging. The FFers realize that Thor was powerful enough to cause them trouble, so Reed orders his group to take the battle to Asgard and destroy the gods there. Most of the European super-soldiers retreat and Thor, along with the French super-soldier(?!), head to Asgard, which was being decimated by the FF's forces. Upon arriving, the battle is nearly lost, and when Odin falls, Thor races to his bedchamber, gives his son his hammer and hides the boy in the World Tree since Thor feared this was Ragnarok. Thor and Loki attack the FF's forces but fall, and the FFers destroy the source of the Asgardians godly powers. This issue ends with Iron Man arriving on the scene to catch Thor as he fell from Asgard, which was in ruins.

Thoughts: I hate the idea of the Future Foundation in the 616 Marvel Universe, so it goes without saying that I hate it HERE as well! So the FF and Reed are evil here... Meh and meh. Can't Jonathan Hickman write a story where Reed Richards ISN'T the catalyst? Plus it's hard for me to see a bunch of genetically altered humans from 1,000 years in the future destroy Asgard with such ease after reading month after month of Asgardian carnage in Fear Itself. Yeah, yeah, different Universes and all, but it's still a hard pill to swallow. The only thing that can redeem this story is for Thor's son to emerge from the World Tree as an ass-kicking teenage god. That I would enjoy seeing. But the FF? Not so much.

Score: 6 out of 10.“Hey kid, get in that tree!”

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