Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Stormwatch #2

Next up this week? Stormwatch #2. I really enjoyed the first issue, but after having had a month to think about things, I wonder if it was the characters in this comic that I enjoyed, or the story itself... This issue should make things a bit clearer for me I'd think.

Stormwatch #2:

What Happened: Midnighter tries to convince Apollo to join up with him, at which time the Martian Manhunter wakes up and offers them both a slot on Stormwatch. Stormwatch's leader, some goof named Adam, also arrives on the scene trying to convince the duo to join their ranks. Meanwhile, Jenny and the Engineer teleport to the moon to try to rescue their missing teammate Harry Tanner. The entity in the moon(a big eye) takes offense at the perceived invasion and attacks the two Stormwatch members while launching a volley of debris at the Earth to try to “toughen up” the planet in preparation for some unnamed future threat. Upon hitting the Earth, the debris turns into a big, ugly monster.

The Good: Um... Apollo and Midnighter were in this comic? I also liked the Manhunter and the Engineer here. The art was good. I liked the way Stormwatch manipulated events so the heroes of the world wouldn't understand what was really happening concerning the moon's attack.

The Bad: Yeah, I definitely don't like the story. Stormwatch's leader? That Adam guy? I hated him. He was REALLY annoying. I couldn't help but think we should have had WAY more scenes featuring the trio on the cover of this issue(Manhunter, Midnighter & Apollo), since they are clearly the stars here. And the moon does not a good villain make...

The Verdict: So the moon is attacking the Earth to toughen it up? The moon is not exactly the type of villain you can either get behind or against... Therein lies a major problem... Most REALLY good teams/characters? They have a really good villain/villains to match them. And the frigging moon(or more specifically, the entity in the moon) isn't going to be that villain. Add the lack of attention paid to the aforementioned trio of stars in this comic, plus the uber-annoying leader of the Watch, and it all adds up to a comic I didn't particularly care for.

Score: 6 out of 10.At least Midnighter is still awesome.


  1. What does Adam Smoke? he seem to be really "Hight"

    I would like that Apollo and Midnighter adopt Jenny again in the new continuty

  2. Alien? I agree with EVERYTHING you had to say here! Plain and simple.

  3. Lol But if Jenny is orporeal spirit of the 21st century, this Guy is the one of the sixties for sure =P

  4. sense ur not getting the new uncanny x-men i dont think will care if this is slightly spoilerish but it might also convince u to get that series :)
    just trust me the 2nd page is gonna freak u out

  5. HA! Agreed completely with Adam being the spirit of the 60's! :P

    That more than anything has me tempted, Movieartman... It's just the price for that first issue is REALLY steep... After seeing those pages though, I'm super tempted... I really don't know what I'm going to do now!

  6. The problem in this issue is that anything happen here, o lot of blah blah but no action,
    And obiously I want to see Midnighter Killing Someone not the fucking moon

  7. Agreed, agreed, agreed!!!! That's why I'm picking up this series, to see Midnighter(and to a lesser extent, Apollo) beating the HELL out of stuff! Not the moon talking about attacking the Earth! The sooner Paul Cornell figures that out the better!