Saturday, October 29, 2011

Deadpool #45

From the cover, I'm thinking this is going to be a fantastic issue of Deadpool. Now I've been fooled by covers before(most recently Avengers #18), but this time I'm SURE the events depicted on the cover of this one will happen inside!!!

Deadpool #45:

Summary: This issue gets started with EVIL DEADPOOL(!!!) hijacking a private jet in order to get back to the US from the UK. While Evil Deadpool is flying in luxury and torturing people, Deadpool is sailing back to the States aboard a boat that was smuggling girls from eastern Europe where they'll undoubtedly be forced into various unsavory situations. DP puts a stop to that and kills all of the smugglers on the boat, and then pilots the boat back to the States himself because he used to be a pirate(sweet, continuity!). After dropping the girls off at the Russian Consulate in Manhattan, DP decides to walk to New Jersey in order to eat at his favorite Mexican restaurant. As for Evil DP, he also has a craving for Mexican food and teleports off of the private jet(after murdering everybody on board), heading to the same restaurant DP was heading towards. Unfortunately for DP, he doesn't make it to the restaurant on account of the private jet Evil DP was riding in crashing onto the bridge DP was walking across to get to Jersey.

Thoughts: First off, Evil Deadpool's reverse color word bubbles? Genius!!! As for the rest of this issue? Once again, genius!!! You see, my expectations for a Deadpool comic are slightly different than my expectations for most of the other comic books I read... What I want more than anything from a Deadpool book is to laugh. And to be honest with you, I literally had a smile on my face for this entire comic book. It was fantastic. Evil Deadpool was perfectly written, I mean he even had the same voices in his head that DP has, but telling him to do terrible things. So yes, I enjoyed this comic book a ton and can't wait for the next issue where DP and Evil DP finally meet... THAT should be all sorts of awesome!

Score: 9 out of 10.Evil Deadpool in 5 different shades of awesome!


  1. were they serious about that mini-series for flying-on-fire-guy?

  2. Wait, what? I must have completely missed that!

  3. I can't find any pics but it was in the advertisements at the end of this deadpool comic.

  4. HA! I'll have to go and pull this comic back out and check that out!

  5. Damn, I completely missed the reversed speech bubbles, that is genius!

  6. JT, once I saw that the speech bubbles were reversed, I knew this story was gonna be all kinds of awesome! That is an amazing touch.