Monday, October 31, 2011

Voodoo #2

Here's the last DC comic book I'll be reading this week. I wasn't all that impressed with the first issue, but regardless of what I think about this series, it's safe on my pull list as it's one of the comics I'm buying for my sister.

Voodoo #2:

What Happened: Voodoo, looking like the FBI agent she murdered last issue, sleeps with the dead agents partner(Agent Fallon) to get close enough to her to use her telepathy to find out more about the feds plans against her. After discovering all that she could, Voodoo leaves the hotel room, and the Agent Fallon learns from her supervisor that her partner was found dead in the strip club, meaning she had been fooling around with Voodoo. The feds send out an armored hit squad and a super-powered agent named Black Jack(who kind of looked like Major Force) to catch Voodoo, but only manage to trap her in an abandoned building. Agent Fallon arrives and pulls rank, entering the building alone since she wanted to kill Voodoo as retribution for her partner's death. Voodoo manages to shapeshift into Agent Fallon and sneaks away again, ending this issue.

The Good: The story was fast paced and easy to follow. The last page showed us that Kyle Rayner will be showing up next issue, and the prospect of Ron Marz writing his creation, the greatest of all the Green Lanterns(by a mile) has me psyched for issue #3. Like the story, the artwork was solid.

The Bad: How in the world do the feds allow ONE of their number to enter the building to get Voodoo no matter WHAT her rank was?! That's terrible strategy! We still don't know much of anything about Voodoo except that she's an alien shapeshifter with some telepathy. Her past/mission is still unclear.

The Verdict: I liked this issue. I mean it didn't blow me away or anything, but it was a good, fast, solid read, and to be honest with you, that's the most I could expect from any comic that has the DC logo adorning it's cover. We have ourselves a super powered foe for Voodoo to face going forward(Black Jack) and a Kyle Rayner appearance coming up. This was probably one of the best DC books I've read all October, although that's not exactly saying much...

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.Ron Marz writing Kyle Rayner again? That makes it feel like all is right with the DCU again...


  1. No I, Vampire this time around? Or did I miss it?

  2. They didn't have it at the shop for me... That OR Teen Titans. They both should both be there this coming Wednesday... I hope!

  3. I actually liked Batman: The Dark Knight this month too. It had cameos by Nightwing, Robin, Birds of Prey, Batgirl, and Batwoman, plus had some mystery, and the Joker actually being the Joker.

  4. The Joker actually being the Joker actually souns great, but alas, I've dropped Bats: DK and will live by that decision... That's how I'm going to voice my displeasure with the whole idea of the reboot, cut WAY back on my DC load. Sure, one person not spending an extra $21 bucks a month on DC books may not seem like a lot, but it's all I can do to tell DC I'm not happy with their current direction... I am curious though, how could Joker be in DK if he had his face cut off in Detective?

  5. Well I'm not clear on the how, but with the reboot, that sadly, fits right in.

  6. HA! That right there is the reason I find myself dropping DC books on a weekly basis... How can something that major slip up? I mean it's the JOKER! If Tony Daniel called him for Detective, then he shouldn't be in Bats: DK, period, end of story... Unless Detective IS taking place in the past(as would make sense), even though DC said it isn't.