Friday, October 28, 2011

Incredible Hulk #1

Believe it or not, this is the first Hulk comic I've ever actually WANTED to pick up and read... I mean I have thousands upon thousands of Marvel comic books, but I've never deliberately brought a Hulk comic book. Sure, I have a few that tied into various events(Onslaught, World War Hulk, etc), but when it comes to single Hulk issues that DON'T tie into another event, I probably only have about a dozen. So the fact that I actually wanted to get this comic should be looked at as a huge endorsement of Jason Aaron's writing, as well as the end of Fear Itself. Now watch, I'll hate this comic...

Incredible Hulk #1:

Summary: Since the end of Fear Itself and the Hulk's literal split from Bruce Banner, the Hulk has been living underground with a tribe of mole-people. The mole-people love Hulk since he protects them and brings them food and stuff, but Hulk keeps swearing that eventually the other shoe is going to drop and his happy existence will be wrecked. Sure enough, some top secret US government organization sends an agent(who is bizarrely named Amanda Von Doom) to retrieve Hulk since it seems Bruce Banner has gone a wee bit crazy... As for Banner, he's been experimenting on various creatures in a fevered effort to recreate the Hulk.

Thoughts: This comic wasn't that bad. I mean I don't know if I'll ever really become a fan of the Hulk(he just bores me), but the prospect of an insane Bruce Banner menacing the world is kind of appealing to me. I don't get why there's a character with the last name of Von Doom here, especially if she has no relation to Dr. Doom as she stated, and I don't know why the government would turn to the Hulk to deal with Banner, but hey, this issue was good enough to get me interested in the second issue, so it did it's job.

Score: 8 out of 10.Huh, who knew Banner was the crazy one...

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