Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hey X-Maniacs, I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Halloween! I USUALLY try to post something Halloweeny for Halloween and this year is no exception. As such, here are a trio of... um, scary-ish pictures... Enjoy!

It's Batman! And a severed head! Oooo, spooky!!

Ah yes... Who could forget Nate Grey suddenly being a vampire! Good times...

When Nate wasn't randomly being a vampire, he was dealing with that beloved scourge of humanity, ZOMBIES!!!


  1. movieartman here
    a day late but happy halloween to you too man :)

    hey will you be picking up this series

    or thor: the Deviants saga
    first issue of the thor one comes out tomorrow

  2. I'll definitely be getting the Wolvie mini-series, Movieartman. No doubt about that one. The Deviants Saga is probably gonna be a pass for me though. I may give it a quick flip through at the shop, but unless I see something that really blows me away, I'll prob pass on it.