Monday, October 10, 2011

Young Justice #24 (Oct. 2000)

Let's keep the ball rolling and break out another of my favorite DC series, Young Justice! This series was one of the many reasons I tend to look at Peter David as superior to most other comic book writers currently working. Unfortunately, the issue I randomly pulled out wasn't exactly one of his better YJ works... :/

Young Justice #24:

Summary: Okay, a bit of background is in order first... Former Young Justice member Arrowette(Cissie King-Jones) is at the 2000 Olympic Games competing on the US archery team. The rest of YJ went to Australia to support her... Got it? Good. This issue begins with the star of the US archery team being injured while walking around at night. The US officials suspect Arrowette's mother was behind the injury after discovering video of Arrowette's mom talking to Merlyn(who was competing on the Zandian team), and as such ban Arrowette from competing. Arrowette's mom contests that she was only warning Merlyn not to mess with her daughter, but since there was no audio on the tape, Arrowette is out of luck. Young Justice decide to get to the bottom of the situation, which leads to Superboy(who is powerless here for reasons that escape me at the moment) confronting Merlyn and several of the Zandian national team. While the Zandians are attacking Superboy, the US Olympic committee have found a girl who was an expert in lip reading, who confirms Arrowette's mother's story after viewing the tape. With that, the Olympic committee reverses their suspension of Arrowette, while the rest of Young Justice come to Superboy's aid. In the end, the Zandians are defeated and the injured US archer from earlier(who just so happened to be wandering around the scene of the fight...) is able to point out the Zandian who actually caused her to injure her arm(some villain named Hazard). With that, the Olympics officials suspend Hazard for the rest of the competition and that about ends this one.

Thoughts: Yeah, as I said in the intro, this wasn't exactly this series finest hour... First off, I managed to pick up a back issue that occurred right in the middle of a storyline. Mistake number one. Secondly, I recall not even liking the Olympic storyline all that much... That would be mistake number two... There were TONS of issues of this series that were better than this one, but it's just my luck to pick the runt of the series... Oh well, if/when I do some more Retro-Reviews, hopefully I'll get a much better issue of this series to go through.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.“Get behind me”? Isn't that what Superboy usually tells Tim? ZING!!!


  1. just a quick comment here. i haven't read any of the comic spin offs yet but i love this cartoon! i just recently discovered that a new season started which got me stoked especially with Amanda Waller making her debut in the first episode of the season.

  2. Ah, this particular Young Justice series actually has nothing to do with the current YJ cartoon. The only similarity between the two is the name I'm pretty sure. I know there's a YJ comic that's based on the cartoon that's coming out now(I think...), but I can't say I'm interested in watching it... Wally as Kid Flash, Dick as Robin along with Superboy just seems off to me.

  3. well listen Nate as far as the cartoon goes i would give it a chance if i were you. check it out dude, i absolutely hate all the Marvel and DC "kiddy" cartoons they've had over the years. Batman, Superman and then Justice League Unlimited were all really good and then DC comes out with garbage like that horrible Teen Titans and Batman: Brave n Bold cartoon that were obviously dumbed down for a kindergarten audience. if Young Justice was more of that kind of crap i wouldn't be into it either. but believe me they got it right with that show. you can find all the episodes on Youtube. so look Nate when you get some down time just check out part one this episode which is one of my favorites. give it at least a few minutes and if you don't like i won't bug you about this again i promise. hey man it's worth a shot i was right about you revisiting H4H right? trust me it's worth taking a look at:

  4. God, Brave and the Bold was truly awful... Ugh... I hated that cartoon...

    Believe it or not, you're not the first person to talk YJ up to me, Dave. I just don't want to watch a cartoon that has the wrong Robin and Kid Flash... Yes, it's stupid and petty, but at times I'M stupid and petty! :P If that cartoon had Tim Drake and Bart Allen, I'd be all over it. But it doesn't, so I just can't support it. I'll stick with the Avengers cartoon instead, which is pretty awesome.

  5. it absolutely lives up to the hype it's right in every way that shit like Batman: B&B is wrong. but if the characterization of two of it's members is such a hot topic of contention for you i guess that's that. i guess i feel the same way about $4 for 20 pgs. i just won't buy that anymore on general principle. but at least in the case of YJ were talking about something that doesn't cost any money, just a bit of your free time.

  6. HA! Yeah, I guess that's true... For you it's less comic for more money. For me it's spending 22 mins watching something I'll probably get pissed watching! If DC were to do right by me with Wally West, maybe I'd catch this cartoon one day. But until then...