Thursday, October 6, 2011

Invincible #83

I figured I'd use the DC format for reviewing this comic... Why? I don't really know... Here it is regardless though.

Invincible #83:

What Happened: Um, not much... The heroes throw a party welcoming Robot and Monster Girl(Monster Woman?) back and Magmaniac and Tether Tyrant are sent by Titan to attack fellow villain, Machine Head. After Magmaniac gets killed, Tether Tyrant allows his... um, tether(?) to take over his body before he snaps out of it four hours later while battling the Guardians of the Globe. He surrenders immediately. Oh, and Robot and Monster Girl have a secret of some sort from the world they had been living in for the past several years.

The Good: This series is always good for a nice, fast, fun read, even when nothing all that interesting is going on. As always, Ryan Ottley's artwork was top-notch. I'm hopeful that whatever happened between Robot and Monster Girl will lead to storyline gold.

The Bad: This comic just didn't do it for me storywise. It basically followed Magmaniac(great name btw) and Tether Tyrant... Invincible and Atom Eve's interaction was kind of creepy, especially in Invincible's parent's bedroom... Nothing all that interesting happened...

The Verdict: That last line in The Bad section pretty much sums up my thoughts on this one perfectly... The past few issues nothing all that interesting has happened. Things have been in a lull since Atom Eve told Invincible about their baby. Speaking of which, I'm STILL waiting for the other shoe to drop with that. There was a time when this was one of the series I most looked forward to reading. Now? It's just another comic in my pile. I'm sure Robert Kirkman can(and almost definitely WILL) turn things around, but for now I'm just kind of sleepwalking through this series.

Score: 6 out of 10.This scene was just weird to me...

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