Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Comic Day! October 5th edition

Man, lately I've been buying a load of comics every Wednesday. The past two weeks alone I've purchased 51 new comics... I can honestly say I'm hoping for something a bit more reasonable this week... Hey, that was a pretty sweet segue! Let's take a look at the comics I DID pick up this week! Action Comics #2, Detective Comics #2, Stormwatch #2, Invincible #83, Deadpool #44, Thunderbolts #164, X-Men #19, X-Men: Schism #5... What the hell?!? 8 comics?! Damn, that's nothing! I'm used to picking up 20+ books the past few weeks! 8... Wow... With such a small pull I guess I'll post two reviews a day for the next 4 days and then for the final 3 days I'll review some random stuff or post some pics.

Before I start thinking too deeply about later on this week though, let's finish this post first. This week's Pick of the Litter is X-Men: Schism #5... Since this is the final issue before the Great X-Split of '11, this comic SHOULD be really good... Here's hoping. On the other end of the spectrum, this week's Runt of the Litter is Action Comics #2. First off, what the HELL happened to DC “Holding the line at $2.99”?!? This comic is $4 for the second consecutive issue! This is one of the comics on life support for me. If it isn't way better than the last issue, I don't even know if I'll bother picking up issue #3... Maybe I'll just drop this series at #2 and be done with it. With Arkham City coming out soon, I could use the extra $4! And there you have it. Another New Comic Day in the books. As always, I'll leave you guys with THE Random Scan of the Week. Until next time, X out.

The Random Scan of the Week!The devil does love him some pretzels!


  1. lol pretzels
    heah same here man very strange week
    i aint got any too pic up cept mabye thunderbolts

  2. 8 Comics? Lmao
    What hapens to all those Fear Itself Tie ins you have been buying?

    And WAit, You did not pick UP Huntres?
    Man you are controling your self.

    At least you will eat this week right?

    Happy read Week

  3. Yeah Movieartman, the guy at my shop said that this week was really light with all the pull list customers. Usually it's me and one other guy who get the most books and he said the other guy was only getting 5 books, so I didn't feel that bad! :P

    There were no Fear Itself tie-ins to pick up, Alien! Or you know I would have! :P I guess with FI ending really soon most of the tie-ins have ended. I was thisclose to getting Huntress, but like you said, I DID manage to control myself and NOT pick it up. If I hear enough good things about it I'll prob get it next week(if there's still a copy left that is...), but yeah, at least this week I can buy me some food!!! :D

  4. Eight comics, EIGHT COMICS!! I seriously don't know what to say to that, lol. I'm sure the pockets love it though. :)

    I see Schism is already up there, but, I have to wait to read your review since I haven't read it yet. :-( But looking forward to Detective comics. ^_^

  5. Imagine how shocked I was, Lisha! I'm ususally walking out of the shop with over twice that number! My wallet is SO confused now! :D