Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hellblazer #283

With my new comics reviewed and taken care of this week, I can start playing catch up on certain series that I either never started reading, or that I had been neglecting due to my insane weekly pull list. This is one of the former, as I had always planned on reading Hellblazer eventually, but never got around to it. So after reading about 25 straight Hellblazer comics, I can happily say I am fully caught up and can review the most recent issue! Huzzah!!

Hellblazer #283:

What Happened: After John Constantine's niece sells his signature trench coat on eBay, Constantine begins having all sorts of odd troubles, such as waking up in the River Thames, having wicked nightmares and blood dripping from his bedroom ceiling... You know, all around bad shit. As for the guy who brought the coat, the coat ends up bringing him great luck as he scores with a woman WAY out of his league. Unfortunately, the woman hates the coat and the way it smells, so she tells him to lose it. Since he didn't want to lose his new girlfriend, the man heads outside to do as much and winds up getting run down, losing the coat in the process. This issue ends with the coat thinking to itself that like Constantine, the dead guy wasn't worthy to wear it, but it would keep looking until it found that worthy person.

The Good: How can't you like a story about a possessed trench coat? Constantine is always a great character to read about, even when he isn't really doing much.

The Bad: There wasn't enough Constantine in this comic for my liking... I honestly don't care all that much about Constantine's niece and her troubles with the crazy women. I still haven't warmed up to Constantine's wife.

The Verdict: Well, this storyline has some promise, I mean it DOES make sense that Constantine's coat would be possessed due to all of the crazy stuff it's been around... Huh, do you believe I just typed that it makes sense that a coat would be possessed?! Anyway, I'd have preferred it had this issue mainly dealt with Constantine and his wayward coat, and avoided the stuff with his niece, but what can ya do. So while this wasn't the best issue of this series I've read recently, it was pretty good.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.I can tell you from experience, THAT is a bad sign...


  1. Some Day I will read Hellblazer.. not yet.

    Hey I came here for Advice..

    Do you think that The Shade minis could be something worth reading?
    I am hesitating about that one, cuz I read in the internet only good stuff about James Robinson's work in Starman, But i did not enjoy a lot his Justice League.

  2. I felt the same way about Hellblazer, Alien... I had picked up a couple of issues but just never felt like reading them for the longest time. When I did read them though they were mainly pretty good!

    Hmm, I'm also completely undecided on that mini, and I am a HUGE fan of James Robinson's Starman work, and an even bigger fan of the way he wrote the Shade... But I really didn't enjoy his recent DC work(Cry for Justice and JLA)... So yeah, I'm on the fence too. Most likely I'm not going to pick it up(I'm already buying too many comics as it is!), but that may change. I'll probably flip through it at the comic shop and if it looks REALLY good I'll buy it. If not I'll wait for the trade down the road. Sorry I wasn't any help, but that's a question I've been asking myself since I heard about that mini!

  3. mm I saw a preview and the Blue Alien is in there so that let me down in this.

    But I will try to get the Starman trades.

  4. Hmm, that preview makes me really want to pick up that series now... If Robinson writes the Shade as he did during the Starman run, this COULD be great... The key words though are "could be"... I'll have to see how many books I'm picking up before I decide, but now I'm leaning towards getting it! :P