Saturday, October 8, 2011

Deadpool #44

Wow, I've already reached the bottom of this week's new comic pile... And it's only Saturday... What is this world coming to?!? As always, reaching the bottom of the comic pile is a bad thing for two reasons. The first being the fact that now I don't have any new comics to read. The second? The comics at the bottom of the pile are the ones I've been avoiding because I have such low expectations for them. On that cheerful note, here's Deadpool!!

Deadpool #44:

Summary: Thanks to the Queen of England(yes really), Deadpool has decided to stop crazy Dr. Whitby before she killed anybody else in his name. You see, Whitby is in love with Pool, and as such wants to be like him... Or something along those lines... To that end Pool breaks into Whitby's apartment and finds that she wasn't home. He does discover some various body parts of his frozen in her freezer, which is enough to make Pool vomit in his mask at the prospect of what Whitby was planning on doing with the Pool pieces. After a quick look around, Pool figures out that Whitby intended to murder the warden of the prison/mental institution she was working at. Upon arriving at the warden's place, Pool spies Whitby waiting inside with a gun and knocks out the warden before he could enter. Pool enters the apartment and tells Whitby he wasn't going to tolerate her killing people in his name, so Whitby blows the apartment up. Pool, thanks to his healing factor, emerges relatively unscathed and heads back to Whitby's place to get rid of his frozen body parts, which he bags and tosses in a dumpster. While Pool is pondering why he hated Whitby so much, Whitby staggers into her apartment a burnt up mess. Whitby babbles a bit before putting her handgun in her mouth and pulling the trigger, killing herself(this time for real... I think...). Tired of England, Pool decides it was time to leave. This issue concludes with some garbage men realizing in horror that the bags of body parts Pool tossed out had thawed and were moving.

Thoughts: First things first, I'm glad this storyline is finally over. Here's hoping we can go more than 6 issues before we get another Deadpool love story this time. I really don't have all that much to say about this comic actually... It was okay. It wasn't great, and I probably won't remember it in two months time, but it was good enough to pass the time. I will say this though, the prospect of a patchwork, Frankenstein Deadpool showing up to face down Pool is GREAT! One thing Pool really hasn't had during this series is a good reoccurring foe, and who better for Pool to feud with then himself?!

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.Well, at least it was only one severed head...


  1. Just reviewed this for R&R, Meh is my statement. Anyway, when googling for the cover I thought you should know if you google Deadpool #44, your blog is like the fourth link up there.

  2. Yeah, I'd wholeheartedly agree with that "meh" statement... Although Deadpool vs Franken-Deadpool could be pretty awesome going forward.

    Hmm, why aren't I getting more pageviews for this post then?!? :P

  3. From what the preview said, it looks like evil Deadpool's name is Ketchup...for some reason.

    Hm... who knows jabroni? Who knows.

  4. Wait, Ketchup?! I guess in a weird Deadpool kind of way that makes sense... I mean he was probably surrounded by ketchup in the refrigerator, so why not?!