Sunday, October 9, 2011

Morning Glories #12

Here's a series that I had been picking up but not reading... The problem? After I read the trade collecting the first six issues, I just wasn't interested enough to read the singles that I had been collecting. But with the extra time I have on my hands due to the lack of new books, I figured I'd give the singles a read to see if I should continue collecting this series... So I read issues #7-11 and you know what? I LOVED them! And then I read issue #12...

Morning Glories #12:

What Happened: Morning Glories Academy's guidance counselor, Miss Hodge, returns to the school after a vacation and is pretty pissed off to see the way things had been running while she was away. Hodge confronts Miss Daramount about the recent murders and mayhem and such but Daramount tells Hodge that the Headmaster was fine with everything, which Hodge points out(correctly) is a lie. From there Hodge meets with the 6 stars of the series(except for Ike, who she felt wasn't ready to hear from her) and talks to them in a different tone depending on the student. Finally Hodge meets with Casey in the basement and tells Casey that she could bring Casey's dead parents back to life.

The Good: I like the setting of this series a lot. Miss Daramount is starting to grow on me, especially after last issue. I enjoyed Zoe's parts of this issue. The cliffhanger was intriguing. As usual, Joe Eisma's art was fantastic.

The Bad: This issue basically focused on a brand new character at the expense of the kids, who I had just begun to warm up to over the course of the past 5 issues... Ike had no speaking parts here. I can't say Hodge came across as an interesting enough character to warrant getting this entire issue dedicated to her.

The Verdict: This was one of those cases where I liked the comic I was reading, but couldn't shake the feeling that it COULD have been better... Hodge's story just didn't really grab me like the past 5 issues did. I mean hell, if I'd have reviewed issue #11 I probably would have given it a perfect score because it WAS that good. That's another problem I had with this issue, it completely ignored issue #11's cliffhanger... Did Ike kill Abraham? Probably not, seeing as that Ike was still here, but how did that scene go down? Did he flat out refuse to kill Abraham? Did he say he'd consider it? We never find out. So while this issue was a step down from the prior 5 issues, it was still a strong issue.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10."I'm your guidance counselor, bitch." is one of the best lines I've read in a while!


  1. Glad I was able to convince ya to give Morning Glories a try, even more glad you enjoyed the singles as much as you did after not really enjoying the trade. Should be an interesting series for you and I to compare scores and opinions on.

  2. Yeah, I was ready to complain to you about this series after the first 6 issues, but the past couple of issues made up for that. Nice job, JT!

    "Should be an interesting series for you and I to compare scores and opinions on." Without a doubt. You scored this issue higher than I did, although if memory serves me correctly, we were pretty close with the past few issues(if I would have reviewed 'em that is!).