Saturday, October 15, 2011

Superboy #2

I am a big Superboy fan. I have been since the moment I first started reading DC comic books(my introduction to DC was Peter David's Young Justice). With that said I was disappointed by the rebooted Superboy series last month. It's like DC decided to take everything that made Superboy Superboy and erase it. Here's hoping in this issue SB gets himself a personality transplant or something.

Superboy #2:

What Happened: The guy running NOWHERE decides to send Superboy out on his first mission, defeating a trio of aliens who managed to escape from a NOWHERE lab facility. SB is joined by his handler Rose Wilson, and the two enter the lab and face the aliens. Rose manages to kill one of the aliens, but SB is overwhelmed and knocked out by the other two, which causes his powers to spike exponentially, destroying the entire facility.

The Good: The battle scenes were vibrant and fun. It was good to see that Rose was still an ass-kicker extraordinaire... That's all I've got.

The Bad: I HATE this version of Superboy... There's absolutely nothing likable about him. He's like a bizarre Lex Luthor robot. That's probably my only real gripe with this issue, but that's a pretty major gripe.

The Verdict: You know, maybe I should rethink my whole, “I won't drop the new Superboy series for any reason!” statement... I mean this character? The Superboy in this comic? It ISN'T Superboy. This is NOTHING like the character I became a huge fan of upon my introduction to DC comic books. It's just a pissy robot. Scott Lobdell REALLY needs to turn Superboy from a detached, apathetic robot into SOMETHING likable, or I'll be forced to do the unthinkable, drop a series with the name Superboy on the cover...

Score: 4 1/2 out of 10.Release me... I am... BZZT a robot...


  1. i gotta agree this superboy book just aint working
    love the outfit tho

    one last peice of news
    here is a pic of the new avengers vs the new dark avengers
    theres skarr in the middle
    a clone of wolverine as wolverine
    someone (presumably Superia) as miss marvel
    Question: is that guy with the bow/arrow facing spiderman the villian from that hawkeye mini a while back?

  2. Agreed on the costume. That's the only advantage this SB has over the former SB.

    Huh... First off, it made me laugh that Wolverine wasn't fighting his clone... I mean that's the battle that would make the most sense! You know, that DOES look like Trickshot/Barney Barton... And it would make sense to try to establish a villain for Hawkeye if they are serious about pushing Hawkeye in advance of the movie. The hair is def right. If I had to guess, I'd say yes, that IS the new Trickshot. Kind of strange that Hawkeye isn't going to pop up there though.

  3. Totally agree. My only hope is that this series and "Teen Titans" are happening in the past, and, at some point, we'll fast forward to fun Conner/Tim banter.

  4. Sadly I don't think that's going to happen, JW... With this SB being in no way connected to the pre-reboot SB, I think we're in for many, many, many more SB stories like this one... :(

  5. Too true. Even more so than the first issue of "Detective Comics," this series and "Teen Titans" just seem totally out of sync, time-wise, with the rest of the DCnU to me. I mean, Tim was clearly Robin for an extended period of time. We know that. Given the key role he always played in the Teen Titans in the old DCU, it begs the question, though: if he wasn't in the Titans during this time, what was everyone doing? Conner came on the scene around the same time as Tim in the old DCU, so, are we saying he just spent that time in the test tube in the DCnU? Did Cassie just do an extra year or two of high school? Of all the characters in the DCnU, they just don't seem to have timelines that match everyone else's. I'm trying to be forgiving of that, but I wonder how long it's going to be before it's totally distracting. I mean, when are we going to see the Superboy we saw on the cover of "Teen Titans" #1? Is he five issues away or 50 issues away? Inquiring minds want to know DC!

  6. Ugh, I hope we're not 50 issues away! I don't think I'll have stuck around for that long! All I can think with the SB thing is that maybe when he finally rebels against these NOWHERE people, he'll get the costume/look we saw on Teen Titans #1... Or at least that's what I hope. But I do agree, I still haven't gotten my hands on TT #2, but from that first issue, it's hard to tell what the time period is, SB seems to fit with TT time-wise, but that could simply mean they are both in the past... Or maybe not... I honestly don't know, and thinking too much on it could probably cause madness! :P