Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Deathstroke #2

The first DC book I'm reading this week? None other than Deathstroke! The first issue of Deathstroke was one of my favorite rebooted titles, so I'm expecting relatively good things from this issue. Although the cover doesn't look very promising...

Deathstroke #2:

What Happened: Deathstroke, still toting the mysterious suitcase from last issue, meets with the man who gave him the job that led him to the suitcase. The man doesn't tell Deathstroke who was behind the suitcase job, so Deathstroke goes on a killing rampage while the man runs for his life. After killing a mess of people and destroying a highway, Deathstroke kills the man before threatening a cameraman. With that he tells his associate Christoph that there should be plenty of jobs rolling in for him on account of the destruction he caused, but is still a bit pissed that he was no closer to discovering who was behind the suitcase job.

The Good: This comic was a blazingly fast read! I mean I probably polished it off in under 5 minutes! Deathstroke killed lots and lots of people, thus solidifying his bad-ass credentials. The threat to the cameraman was a smart ploy to drum up business.

The Bad: We STILL don't have the slightest idea what's in the suitcase, nor do we know why everybody's eyes bug out when they see the contents. At this point the reveal is going to be quite underwhelming. Besides establishing that yes, Deathstroke is indeed a stone cold killer, this issue didn't give us anything else. If you didn't read this comic you really didn't miss much. What the hell kind of reporter and cameraman would go walking up to Deathstroke after he murdered an entire highway?!

The Verdict: I liked this comic, but didn't love it... There wasn't enough meat here for me. Sure, it's always fun when Slade goes on one of his patented killing sprees, but I can't say the story was advanced in any significant manner. So while this was a fun way to kill like 3 minutes, that's about all it was.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.Yep, Deathstroke is still a killing machine.


  1. did not pick up this one, but I picked up The Shade 1 and Deathstroke made a tremendous appearance there.

  2. Not knowing what is in the briefcase is KILLING ME. I am a curious person and they are seriously playing with my emotions here. And you were absolutely right, this issue was a really fast read, lol. I mean I started it and was like "Damn, that's it?"

    The story really didn't progress like I wanted it to, but damn it, there was so much action, lol, I honestly didn't think about it too much. This is definitely the Deathstroke I miss and love. lol.I seriously don't know who in their right mind would want to mess with Deathstroke, lol.

    I really hope they reveal whats in the briefcase next issue, I don't think I can tolerate all the violence any more and not know whats in there, lol.

  3. Huh, I TOTALLY forgot about that Shade comic, Alien! I didn't see it at the comic shop, although to be honest I didn't even look at the new comic shelves. Oh well...

    Exactly, Lisha! I mean with how important the contents of that suitcase seem to be, I'm dying to know what's in it! I'm just afraid it's gonna be something completely lame that'll really annoy me. I mean with all of this build up it better be GREAT!

  4. Lol, it really better be great. I seriously cannot even begin to think about what could possibly be in there.

  5. OK NOW IM PISSED there is NO way in hell domino would stay in utopia insead of going with wolverine

  6. That's what scares me, Lisha... Whatever is in that suitcase has to be GREAT! If it's not it's going to hurt this series a lot for me.

    All I'm hoping is that Domino will act as a spy for Wolvie, Movieartman... I mean she has, to my knowledge, no real past relationship with Lord Summers... That's an odd one...

  7. I'm not sure what will end up being in the case, but I'm not sure that anything could live up to the suspense they've built up. And the longer it goes, the bigger the letdown will be.

  8. Also, I definitely recommend the Shade issue if you are a big Slade fan.

  9. Yeah, that seems to be the prevalent feeling, Vancelot... The longer they hold off on telling us what's in the case, the bigger the letdown is going to be, because honestly, what could possibly be in there to cause people to react with such shock when they see it?

    You know, I was looking to drop a few DC comics(overall disappointment with the reboot and such), and I've always been a fan of the Shade, so maybe when I take a few books off of my pull list, I'll replace them with the Shade mini. That mini is like 12 issues, right?