Saturday, October 15, 2011

Suicide Squad #2

Unlike Superboy #1, this was a series that surpassed my expectations for it's first issue. Granted, I wasn't expecting much from the first issue(this was actually one of the DC reboots that I figured I'd be dropping after 3 issues), but instead I was treated to a strong story. Here's hoping the second issue continues the excellence.

Suicide Squad #2:

What Happened: The Suicide Squad have been dropped into a football stadium to find a woman who appeared to be spreading some sort of robo-zombie plague... Yes, robo-zombie. The Squad split up and fight their way through hordes of robo-zombies, ultimately discovering the woman responsible. It seems that the woman is pregnant, and the plague is being spread by her unborn infant. King Shark kills the woman, and Deadshot cuts the child out of the dead woman, since the child was what Squad leader Amanda Waller was after. Deadshot kills Squad member Voltaic so the government could blame the massacre at the stadium on him, but Deadshot is informed by Waller that she couldn't arrange a pickup for the team since Checkmate agents were on their way. Waller tells Deadshot that the only matter of importance was escaping with the baby and that the entire Squad was expendable.

The Good: The story here was strong. Deadshot is rapidly becoming a favorite character of mine in the new DCU. What's not to like about the Squad slaughtering a mess of robo-zombies? The cliffhanger was strong, as it leaves the Squad in a very precarious position, as well as establishes that anything can happen to (almost)any of the Squad members.

The Bad: Robo-zombies? Really? Why not make them singing vampires as well to try to fit in as much pop culture as humanly possible? I was a bit saddened to see Voltaic go. I was starting to warm up to him. The fact that the next issue is promising another team casualty isn't really that much of a draw since you know either El Diablo or more likely Black Spider will be the one getting killed.

The Verdict: Once again, I enjoyed this one. With this issue this series has managed to earn a permanent slot on my pull list, and passed my 3 issue test an issue early. So unless this series falls off dramatically and begins producing crap issue after issue, I'll be collecting this one for the foreseeable future. I do want to mention the weird little corner this series has backed itself into though... It's obvious that Deadshot, King Shark and Harley Quinn are the stars(they're the trio always featured on the covers!), and as such aren't getting killed. That kind of takes the suspense out of which Squad members will be dying going forward. This issue would have been better served by giving us a huge swerve, like King Shark getting offed, since that would make it seem like any character could be picked off. Killing a character who's only been around for an issue and a half doesn't really give you a “holy shit!” moment. And when Black Spider gets killed next issue(I'm betting on that right now!), it'll evoke another yawn from me.

Score: 8 out of 10.And it's a home run!


  1. yeah i liked this issue too for all the reasons you mentioned plus it looks like this new DC Universe has Checkmate in it which i really like. Voltaic got a bad deal in getting set up to be offed in this issue after all that torture he was put through in issue #1. more good news, issue 4 will have Captain Boomerang (an original member) and the terrorist org. Kobra. but i'm starting to wonder if this title is gonna make it past 6 months. more on what i thought about this issue as well as Swamp Thing #2 and Justice League Int. #1 at:

    by the way you do know about this site right?

  2. For those wo are concerned about the cancelation of his favorite series

  3. I like the idea that this series is reintroducing so many different organizations. I mean besides the Squad, there's Checkmate and Kobra, which SHOULD be so much better... In the Waid Flash run they were a threat. Then they became another group of also-ran losers. Well, with the prospect of losing another member next issue, I think we'll need an infusion of new blood, and Boomerang probably makes the most sense. I'll def check both those links out later on, I'm not on my laptop right now, but when I get on later, I def will.

    HA!! Since that is Didio's book, I'm SURE it's going to get a longer rope to hang itself than most other books, Alien. We'll see when the sales numbers for October come out though. DC had a fantastic September in sales, but now that the #1's are done, we'll see which books remain on top and which ones go into freefall. If OMAC falls to 150th-200th place, we'll how much DC is willing to stick with it.

    Bottom line, Didio is full of shit, and I don't believe a single word that comes out of his mouth. He's the same man who went from; "I think we’re going to treat Wally with the same level of respect Kyle was treated in with the Hal Jordan Rebirth. So I’m hoping Wally fans are going to be excited. We’re going to be bringing Wally back to some of his roots, and more importantly, there’s going to be plenty of Wally in the DCU in 2009 with Rebirth and following Rebirth as well" to this: " “there are no plans for Wally West in the ‘Flash,’” because that series is about the “uniqueness of who [Barry Allen] is and how he moves through the world." He's a scumbag and a bullshit artist, and I wouldn't EVER believe a word he says. There's nobody in comics I hate more than Dan Didio. Fucking lying piece of shit.

  4. I think I read this comic after drinking a big cup of Theraflu, so, lol, I was a bit drowsy. BUT from what I read I did enjoy the comic. Like you X, I wasn't a big fan of the rebo-zombies. Give us the real deal!! Walking dead like zombies, lol.

    I'm always excited to see Harley and well, she's going to be my forever favorite in this series, lol. I am kind of liking King Shark. But Deadshot is also becoming a favorite. So many choices!!!

    I'm glad to see you'll be keeping this series in X-man's Monthly comic pull. Can't wait for the next issue. :-)

  5. Sorry to hijack ya thread but everyone else did it and I wanted top be cool :P I'd read this comic just based on Venom and Hawkeye, so Torch seals it.

  6. I can't blame ya when it comes to Harley, Lisha. I find that I've taken a liking to her as well. At least we know she won't be getting killed off any time soon!

    Ah JT... It'll take more than that to make you cool! :P Seriously though, thanks for the link, you know I hardly ever frequent news sites, so if not for these comments, I wouldn't know a thing! Hawkeye + Venom alone is good enough for that series to be one of my favorites, and that's before I've even read the first issue, but add Rick Remender as the writer and you have a series that'll be my Pick of the Litter very often! I'm going to take a wait and see approach to the Torch there... It very well could be the WWII era Torch, which would make some sense since he'd worked with Cap before so I could see him here. Although before he died Johnny did seem pretty bummed that he was the only member of the FF who had never been an Avenger, so maybe this is finally his shot. The ONLY negative I see out of that entire team is Capt. Britain... I mean the rest of that line-up is solid gold!

  7. wow very happy flash-venom will be on the team
    beast looks badass in that pic

    remminder really seems to be pushing captain britian in his stuff
    here is a cover for a coming uncanny x-force issue
    aparently the danger rooms prediction of cap britians reaction to psyloke becoming an asssian was a bit off
    BADASS art tho :)
    and in an inerview remminder said that a big plot point for his secret avengers stuff will be hawkeye (who will be the new team leader) will not get along with brit At all!

    oh and i love rachel summers new outfit

  8. First off, Hawkeye as the leader of the Secret Avengers is great news imo. And it fits with Cap and Hawkeye's relationship. I could easily see Cap handing the reins over to Clint. That's why I like the idea of Capt. Britain and Clint not getting along. Whereas Cap has earned Hawkeye's respect years ago, Capt. Britain hasn't, and as such I can easily see Hawkeye repeatedly tearing Capt. Britain down for NOT being more like Cap. Man, that series sounds more and more awesome with each passing day!