Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ultimate Hawkeye #3

After a mostly disappointing look at a few DC comic books yesterday(and one fantastic Marvel comic), it's time to get back on track with a trio of Marvel books today. We'll start today off by taking a look at my favorite comic book archer, Hawkeye... Well, actually Ultimate Hawkeye, but that's close enough to the real deal.

Ultimate Hawkeye #3(of 4):

Summary: Now joined by Nick Fury's Ultimate X team, Hawkeye decides to split his forces into two since there are two main bases the new mutants who have declared war on the SEAR(Southeast Asian Republic) were operating out of. Hawkeye and pretty much everybody else will sneak into the northern base to steal a sample of the Serum that was creating the mutants, while the Hulk would go to the southern base to raise hell and cause the mother of all distractions(under the watchful telepathic eye of Jean Grey though). With his brilliant plan worked out, Hawkeye sends the Hulk to the south and he wreaks havoc as as expected, while the others sneak into the northern castle. Unfortunately though, Jean's telepathy ends up getting blocked, and she loses contact with the Hulk. The Hulk continues his rampage regardless, but ends up facing a foe who is able to revert him back to his Bruce Banner form. As for Hawkeye and company, they run into the shadowy leader of the mutant uprising, who tells them there was no need to fight since they had created PLENTY of the Serum and were willing to share.

Thoughts: I liked this comic. It was good, solid, and easy to follow read. So the last issue of this mini gives us a twofold problem... First off, Hulk's been de-powered and is at the mercy of his mysterious foe. Secondly, Nick Fury doesn't want to share the Serum, he wants SHIELD to have sole ownership of the Serum... That puts Hawkeye in a bit of a pickle, since the leader of the SEAR mutant uprising has revealed that he has such vast quantities of it. If the secondary leader of the uprising was able to put down the Hulk, who knows what sort of powers the leader of the uprising can throw at Hawkeye and company. And Hawkeye is going to have to attack the leader of the uprising since he has to destroy all but a sample of the Serum... So yeah, good stuff here. Hopefully the last issue is as good(or better!) as this one was.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.Hawkeye: Ultimate Fighting Machine!


  1. the leader of the people
    is the ultimate universe version of this guy XORN

  2. Gah, not Xorn! Even though I know it's been changed drastically, I still like to think that Magneto was Xorn...

  3. for me Magneto die long time ago.. when he was posing as Xorn..

  4. Yes, yes, yes! Thank you, Alien! I feel the exact same way. Magneto(who was posing as Xorn to infiltrate the X-Men), killed Jean Grey during a pitched battle and Wolverine, in his grief and rage, responded by beheading Magneto. THAT was the perfect ending for Xorn AND Magneto imo.

  5. I was thinking about picking this up for the Jean appearance, but your review dimmed my enthusiasm. What explanation did they give for being able to force hulk to revert to banner?

  6. I don't know that they really gave one... Xorn(or at least the guy I THINK was Xorn...) just kind of flung Hulk around and suddenly reverted him back to his Bruce Banner persona. Unless I'm forgetting something I think that's all there was to it!