Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fear Itself: The Home Front #7

Ah yes... THIS comic... The last one left in my new comic pile... The past few issues of this mini have been SO bad that it's been mind-numbing... Sure, there were some bright spots(the Great Lakes Avengers story from last issue saved me from going insane after reading issue #6), but for the most part this mini has fallen completely off the rails... Here's hoping they saved the best for last? Hopefully?? Please???

Fear Itself: The Home Front #7(of 7):

Summary: Okay, you know the drill by now(I'd hope...), four stories here, same as the first six issues. I skipped story #2 as per my blinding hatred of Amadeus Cho and story #3 was only one page, thus not really being what I'd call “reviewable”. So we'll start out with story #1, the finale of the Speedball story. The citizens of Stamford, Connecticut arrive on the scene to stop the Sisters of Sin from killing Speedball and Miriam Sharpe. However, in the end it's just a bunch of normal people with guns and rakes(one person LITERALLY brought in a rake which I thought was both hilarious AND awesome, but anyway) against four super powered crazy women. So yeah, the citizens are outmatched, but their arrival affords Speedball the time to regain his senses and attack the Sisters, taking three of them out before the forth was able to tap into his brain and incapacitate him with fear. The forth Sister's powers wane though and Miriam and another member of the Stamford mob tackle the Sister, ending her threat. With that over we pick up a few days later where Speedball heads to Miriam's office to see if she wanted him to skip town before the memorial service for the people the Sisters had killed. Miriam tells him that although she can't stand to look at Speedball because it reminds her of how her son died, she didn't hate him and wanted him to attend the memorial service. The forth and final story of this comic revolved around that bald guy we saw in Fear Itself #7 from Broxton, Oklahoma who returned to Captain America's side during the final battle. We basically see him leave Cap with the rest of his militia at the end of Fear #6, drive around town saving dogs, old people and little girls before realizing that he wouldn't let Cap die alone protecting his town and heading back to Cap.

Thoughts: The two stories that I read were very, VERY sugary... But that's not necessarily a bad thing, is it? Call me a sentimental sap if you will, but seeing Miriam Sharpe and Speedball make peace and seeing that bald dude leave the safety of the school shelter to head back out to stand by Cap's side put a smile on my face... Yeah, yeah, I know, both stories were uber-sappy, but what do ya want, I brought it hook line and sinker. Anyway, I'd rather sappy to sucky any day, so this issue was a major improvement over last issue's debacle, and really, what more could I ask for?

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.Cap rules.

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