Sunday, October 23, 2011

Supergirl #2

First up today, a look at Supergirl #2. This is one of the MANY DC comics that I am ready, willing and able to drop the moment I read an issue I don't like... So yeah, there's a lot riding on this issue for me.

Supergirl #2:

What Happened: Superman introduces himself to Supergirl as Kal-El, which sets SG off since she could remember holding baby Kal-El in her arms three short days ago(in her mind at least). The two fight across China until they veer too close to innocents and Supes declares he wouldn't battle her because the risk of harming people was too great. This convinces SG that Supes wasn't a bad guy and he tells her that they were on the planet Earth, and that Krypton had been destroyed. Elsewhere, a mysterious man gets a Kryptonian crystal.

The Good: Supes and SG's fight was a lot of fun, and was very well drawn. I'm still enjoying the way SG is being written, seeing as that she sees her situation as more of a dream than reality. The shadowy figure at the end(Lex Luthor?) gives us an antagonist going forward. I liked that SG didn't immediately take Supes at his word and instead figured he was in cahoots with the people who attacked her last issue. SG recognizing Supes Kryptonian accent as stilted and mechanical was a really nice touch by the writers(Michael Green and Mike Johnson).

The Bad: The fight ending the way it did was rather abrupt... Um, that's all I can think of...

The Verdict: Dammit, this issue was so good there's no way I can rationalize dropping this series from my pull list... Oh well... I guess I'll have to suffer through what I'm hoping will be many more excellently written issues of Supergirl. Seriously though, Green and Johnson have done a wonderful job presenting SG's situation as one that anybody can feel sympathetic towards. Imagine suddenly waking up in a foreign land being assaulted from all sides while not being able to understand what was happening to you. That's the feel SG is giving off these first two issues. So far Supergirl is averaging the highest average score out of all the DC books post-reboot... By A LOT.

Score: 9 out of 10.Now there's a reason not to wear a cape if I ever saw one!


  1. You know, I wasn't on board of being into Supergirl pre-Reboot, but damn it, she's one of my fav's now. Green and Johnson know how to write a hell of a comic. I loved the two trades I read of Superman and Batman written by them.

    We made sure Supergirl got placed on our pull list. I cannot wait until the next issue. I think I'll just re read the first two until then, lol.

  2. This series was one that I was on the fence about pre-reboot but figured I'd give it a shot because of how good Green and Johnson were in the Supes/Bats trade I read. I am SO glad I decided to give this series a shot! This is one series that I'm almost certain I'll be keeping... Hell, with the way things are looking, this might be my ONLY Super-book!

  3. Im torn with this, cuz I really like the way the character is presented, and how is she dealing with being in a foreign land but the history is too decompressed, I mean, I dont ask to all the comics to be like Superman #1
    But 2 isues pased away like a half of a good comic to me.

  4. look this the truth behind X-men Schism!

  5. Yeah, this issue in particular FLEW by. But I still wound up really enjoying this issue more than most of the other DC books I've been reading. I'd think that now that SG has seen eye-to-eye with Supes we'll get way more background info on her moving forward.

    But what would Emma say!!! :D