Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I, Vampire #1

Well here's a series I picked up at the absolute last minute on a total whim. This is one of those series that I only plan on picking up for the first three issues, unless one of those three issues wows me. Will X get wowed here? Here's hoping.

I, Vampire #1:

What Happened: We have two 400 year old-ish vampires here, Andrew and Mary. Mary feels that the vampires should stop hiding and take over the planet as opposed to the aliens and masked men dominating the world, while Andrew feels they should continue living in the shadows. The two debate the topic for a while before sleeping together, because besides drinking blood, vampires LOVE to bang. Andrew wakes up and finds a note in Mary's place, telling Andrew that she was declaring war on the humans today. Outside Andrew finds a mess of corpses, and discovers they were the secret vampire army Mary was amassing. While Andrew tries to figure out what to do, the vampires attack a train-full of people.

The Good: You know what? I liked this issue! The story was well done, and even though these were new characters(to me at least), it was easy to understand their motivations. Andrew didn't want to victimize humans, Mary did. Simple. Add their obvious romantic attachment to each other, and you've got a winning formula. The art-style fit the story being told.

The Bad: I can't imagine this series has a long shelf-life... It's one vampire vs another vampire. When Mary gets staked, then what? How can a massive vampire attack occur in a world that boasts Superman, Wonder Woman and a plethora of other heroes?

The Verdict: What can I say? It looks as if I'll be sticking with this series for the foreseeable future. I definitely didn't expect that, but I guess life is full of surprises.

Score: 8 out of 10.That's a lot of vampires...


  1. Lol, I am SHOCKED of this score. Lol. This issue put me to sleep. Maybe it's because I don't dig vampires too much. I seriously couldn't follow what was going on. Lol. I'll be letting this one go, but I'll be sticking around to see what you think of the series X.

  2. That's so weird, Lisha. My sister enjoyed this one too, and she's a hard person to impress! Ah well, if you're ever curious as to what's happening in this series, you know where to come to! :P

  3. Lol, you and your sister are still awesome, even if we don't agree about this comic. BUT, I will do this, I will give it another try. It's only fair since I'm doing it for everything else I'm getting. If I can't get into the second issue, then it's bye bye vampiras! ^_^

  4. You sure you want to waste the money? Especially if you didn't like it, Lisha. Then again, who am I to talk? I'm picking up Action #2 tomorrow and I HATED the first issue!

  5. Lol. It's only fair. With a new series, you shouldn't judge it based on the first issue, lol. And you're doing one better than me, you're given some comics up to issue 3 to prove themselves. I'm trying to be as awesome as you, lol.

  6. Aww Lisha, you're already WAY more awesome than me! :D Now that JT guy... He's another story! :P

    But I figure three is a good number before totally damning a comic, unless it's SO bad that it hurts to read it. Then I'll drop 'em sooner. For example, I might be dropping Action Comics after I read the second issue if it's half as bad as the first one was.

  7. Oh X, stop it, lol. You're making me blush.

    And I completely understand your thinking on that. Here's hoping your week of reading is good this week. :)