Monday, October 3, 2011

Batman: The Dark Knight #1

Hey look, it's another Batman: The Dark Knight #1 issue! At the rate DC is going with this series, we'll get a storyline of about 6 issues, and then it'll be time for another Batman: The Dark Knight #1! Huzzah!!!

Batman: The Dark Knight #1:

What Happened: The GCPD's Internal Affairs division wants to talk to Bruce Wayne about his funding of Batman Inc, since Batman is hated in this series... I guess? A good-looking woman manages to get the cop to leave, and Bruce flirts it up with her. Bruce ends up hearing about a breakout at Arkham Asylum and dons the Bat-costume to deal with it. Upon arriving he discovers a really pumped up looking Two-Face, who tells Bats to call him One-Face from now on... Why not simply call him Harvey if that's the case?

The Good: You can't really go wrong starting this series off with Batman vs Two-Face. The story kept my attention. The art was solid. Female Jason wasn't in this issue!!

The Bad: The Bruce Wayne scenes were rather boring. I don't like the changes done to Two-Face at all. I don't get why the villains at Arkham were wearing their costumes IN the Asylum...

The Verdict: This comic was the very definition of a forgettable comic. Here's what I mean by that... I actually read this issue last night before going to sleep. Upon sitting down to do this review today, I couldn't remember what happened in this issue for the life of me! Seriously, until I turned to the last page and saw mega-sized Two-Face, I couldn't recall a thing about this issue. It's gonna be fun next month when the second issue arrives and I'm like, “Batman: Dark Knight?! Is this the comic with Joker or is this the one with evil Dick Grayson in it?!?”

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.What, Bane wasn't available for this storyline or something?


  1. Twoface got into Bane's venom. Why are we calling him oneface? I still see two very distinct sides of that face. Yeah, I thought this issue was utterly mediocre.

  2. Itry to read almost all the comics were Batman has a penl but, I cant with this.. And DC please take Finch away from drawing Bruce Wayne. He Draws an acceptable Batman, but His Bruce Wayne is almost at the same level with Rob Liefeld style.

  3. Oneface?! God... I'm glad I'm not reading this series, cause this is truly absurd.

  4. I honestly don't get why Two-Face wants to be called "One-Face" either, Lebeau... I mean really, he STILL has TWO faces... I didn't get that at all...

    "but His Bruce Wayne is almost at the same level with Rob Liefeld style." OUCH! That's like the worst insult you could possibly give an artist! :P

    JT, I don't blame ya.

  5. OH MY GOD!!!!......................................................................................... Aliendw700 i mean absolutly No personal disrepect but there is amost nothing on this earth that is farther than the truth than saying david finch is comparable to rob Liefeild in anyway drawling ANYTHING
    like check this
    ive never seen liefeld do anything as good as this kinda stuff finch does regularly in his books

    that said i really wish finch would restrict himself to covers his hyper detailed complex art lends it self to that and while i dont agree he draws it bad its just a waste for him to be drawing scenes of just regular people and some kinda charity event like most of this issue was

    x-man i agree its dumb (one-face)
    but what im thinking is mabye its a whole new personality like two face is a seprate identity from harvey dent one face is another
    and in the 90s antimated series harvey unknowingly created another personality Refered to as The Judge so its possible

    They already ruined Joker, but at least this can be reversed... I frikkin hope so...

  7. I do have to agree with Movieartman here. WIth the exception of Howard Chaykin, NOTHING is as bad as Liefeld's artwork! That guy is just beyond description! I'm not THAT down on the whole One-Face/Two-Face name, except that the name itself is REALLY dumb... One-Face? Really?! But like Saidi said, it can be reversed, and I really believe it will be within the next two issues.

  8. Moviertmant I agree with you Finch have amazing stuff but in this issue Bruce was unrecognizable to me and weird, Maybe i go to far comparing him with Saint Rob,
    but I still prefer him drawing Batman than Bruce Wayne.

  9. I did not like this issue at all. Not just the one-face atrocity, but the dialogue as a whole was bad. When i look back on TDK by finch i think man, i really liked those first two issues. Then it just went (no pun intended) bat-crap crazy. It became so little about batman that it doesn't make sense that finch isn't writing demon knights for dc. I did not like the dialogue in this issue. Two-face is one of my favorite villains in the bat world, but it seems like they just want to ruin him as well.
    -With the joker thing in detective (#2 comes out today!) it seems like shock value, but it was a good idea to keep the reader interested. It's comics.Anything can be happened, and anything can be fixed! With that being said after how mediocre the first series for this was; I needed a stellar issue #1. I plead to you

    DROP THIS NOW!!! haha im only kidding. each to his own. But finch needs to go back to the drawing board. Especially with how strong some of the other 52 have came on so far.

  10. HA! I'm probably going to stick it out for at least the first storyarc, Cap. I'm a sucker for Batman, so I'll give this one as most rope to hang itself before I cut ties. I could definitely see myself cutting a few other DC books(Action Comics, Superman, JLD, Catwoman, and a few others) before I give up on this one. I'm still hoping this was simply a case of Two-Face being drugged with Venom, freaking out and then going back to normal.

    I actually haven't been that high on most of the new 52 books sadly... There have been a handful I liked(and I picked up half the titles), but for the most part, this hasn't been a huge improvement from the prior DCU... Yet. I'm still a bit hopeful though...