Sunday, October 16, 2011

Irredeemable #30

Here's the only series from Boom! Comics that I read... And that's about all the introduction I can manage right now...

Irredeemable #30:

What Happened: Survivor confronts his secret triplet, Elliot, who's a priest, in an attempt to get Elliot to fight him. Elliot refuses, and instead tells Survivor to simply kill him since Survivor obviously wanted Elliot's power, which would head into Survivor upon Elliot's death. Meanwhile, the Plutonian repeatedly prevents Bette Noir from committing suicide. The Plutonian's goons requests orders since they were getting bored, but Plutonian has no plans since he never thought past, “Return to Earth and wreak bloody revenge!” In order to deal with the Plutonian, the heads of China, Japan and the United States go through with their pact to kill one-third of the world's population in order to kill the Plutonian.

The Good: The parts between Elliot and Survivor were very well done. This issue's cliffhanger was great. The Plutonian was still a monumental asshole.

The Bad: I really don't know what else Mark Waid can do to keep this series going... Plutonian's reaction to his team's question was weird. The fact that the Plutonian wasn't aware of whatever the plan of the Chinese/Japanese/American governments hatched up was hard to believe.

The Verdict: For me the highpoint of this issue came early on with Survivor confronting his long lost brother. Survivor obviously wanted Elliot to fight him so he could kill Elliot in some sort of warped self-defense to gain Elliot's powers, but Elliot simply telling Survivor to murder him since he wanted the powers so badly seemed to take Survivor completely by surprise. The fact that we didn't see what Survivor's decision was was a nice touch. Unfortunately, as I read this comic I couldn't get the nagging thought out of my head that this series had nowhere left to go... I mean really, what's left? The Plutonian has been defeated(kind of), sent to another planet and battled his way back to Earth to decimate the planet some more. Either he's going to continue his spree of evil forever, Survivor(or maybe Qubit) will finally kill him, or whatever the Chinese/Japanese/American plan was will kill the Plutonian, although I'm a bit dubious on that, since it doesn't seem to make sense... How will 1/3 of the planet AND the Plutonian die, and yet 2/3 of the planet survive? Regardless, I can't shake the feeling that this series is slowly starting to approach the finish line... Unless Waid has the mother of all surprises still tucked away in his bag of tricks that is.

Score: 5 out of 10.This all must mean something...


  1. the fact that Plutonian cannot see and hear anyone he wants to with his super senses is an indicator of his deteriorating mental health.

  2. Yeah, I guess that makes sense... But man, how much more can his mental health deteriorate! He's a mess as it is already!

  3. You gave this a 5 because you didn't know how long Waid could keep the story going?! What the hell does that even mean. Lol. "I enjoyed this issue, but I don't know how the story can continue so... it was okay." :P