Sunday, October 2, 2011

Green Lantern: The New Guardians #1

This is the only Green Lantern comic I am picking up from DC, and that's only because my love for Kyle Rayner outweighs my hatred of Chairman Johns... By a very slight degree... Am I looking forward to reading this? No, because it's just a continuation of Chairman Johns' rainbow corps bullshit, but for Kyle, I will suffer through this tripe.

Green Lantern: The New Guardians #1:

What Happened: The Guardians of Oa have apparently fallen and only Ganthet survived. Ganthet takes the last Green Lantern ring and heads to Earth where he gives it to Kyle Rayner... Um, this all happened before you know, right? Anyway, Kyle accepts and becomes a GL. From there, rings abandon their hosts from several other Corps and begin flying towards Earth. Kyle does some super-heroics and afterwards is suddenly met by the 6 different rings, all telling Kyle he had been chosen by their respective Corps. While Kyle is trying to figure out what the HELL was happening, representatives from 4 of the 6 Corps land on Earth and prepare to attack Kyle for “stealing” rings from their Corps.

The Good: This comic starred Kyle Rayner. THERE'S your biggest plus right there. The story was engaging. Oddly the beginning started off very similar to the way Kyle received his ring the first time. The representative from the Star Sapphires was Fatality, one of Kyle's old foes. Larfleeze wasn't in this issue. The cliffhanger was solid.

The Bad: This is a Green Lantern comic, and Geoff Johns has caused me to hate the Green Lantern franchise. Time-wise this issue moved along funny, making me unsure of how long Kyle had his ring.

The Verdict: As a fan of both Tony Bedard's writing and Kyle Rayner, this comic was a bit of a treat for me. Yes, I am a bit pissed that the color corps still exists in the new DCU, but I've come to terms with the fact that in the eyes of DC, Chairman Johns can do no wrong, and as such all of his ideas, even the terrible ones, are golden. Negativity aside, this was a good comic, one that I don't intend on dropping anytime soon.

Score: 8 out of 10.Huh, that's strange, I could swear that this has happened already...


  1. .......................................................... ok the multicolor corps WAS NOT one of Johns bad ideas Seriously
    explain to me your problems with them and it all
    and i know u dont care but im gonna just throw this out there
    Aquaman #1 is the best book of the reboot hayyyyyyyyy
    Johns has made aquaman the badest mofo. one who does not give a Fuck if no body likes him ..... well mabye a little but he isnt whiny like in brightest day
    and he also pretty much tells alantis to fuck off
    oh and he doesnt talk to fish

  2. I skimmed through aquaman 1 but haven't actually read it. I don't know if you read much of marvel movieartman, and as i said i didn't actually read the issue. But from skimming over the pages my first though was "Oh johns is making aquaman into namor now." The same exact attitude and portrayal in aquaman #1 is the same that namor has had since his creation. Loves atlantis, but says screw em when he feels like it. Doesn't care abotu what ANYONE including other heroes thinks of him. The only thing that id didn't see was aquaman swooning women. SO i'm not actually stating that is the case. I'm really just more curious if you thought this as well?

  3. Oh and X and all other readers out there. Didio stated on his twitter that in the new 52 there were no crisis'. None of them ever happened. I would have to do much more research but it is really sounding like dc did a hard reboot and said screw you to any other story written before sept. 2011. Other than the batman and GL continuity.

  4. here ya go.

    Annnnd clarification. I guess....

    I'll always prefer PAD's Aquaman with the beard & the hook , that was awesome. You know, Aquaman is with Maggot in the unfairly maligned class of characters. Srsly what's wrong with them ? They're likeable & have interesting powers yet keep getting the shaft because... I don't know exactly why!
    Namor on the other hand I never liked & the moment Doom will stuff his head on the chimney will never be too soon for me MWAHAHAHAHAHAAA!

    @ Cap :
    Didiot said that ? the asshole who with the Big Fat Q is in my shit list for DARING ERASING YOUNG JUSTICE , A MASTERPIECE IN COMIC BOOK FORMAT, SAID COIE NEVER HAPPENED ? Screw him along the rest of the hack pack!
    The Multicolor was problematic in number I think. The Purple & Blue felt kind of superfluous

    But my friends, enough quarelling let's feast your eyes on the picture I took a fuckload of time to make & GIVE FEEDBACK, PUHHLEEAASE ( begging is kinda fun in a Daffy Duck voice.)& tell who do you recognise!

  6. With all due respect Movieartman, is there ANYTHING you don't love? And have you EVER read any of the Green Lantern stories from before Johns took over? Because in MY opinion, they are WAY superior to the rainbow corps bullshit. I mean really, from 1959 to about 2003, there were NO other Corps. The only non-green ring was Sinestro/Guy Garnder's. We didn't have Lanterns in all the colors of the rainbow, encompassing several different emotions... Seriously how does that make sense? I'll definitely take a pass on Aquaman, because we seem to have VERY differnet opinions of things lately, meaning if you loved it, I'm certain I'd hate it.

    I'm actually not surprised about that, Cap... I mean the original Crisis almost has to be erased due to the fact that Saint Barry died and Wally took over, especially in light of the fact that there doesn't seem to be any Wally anymore. Plus Infinite Crisis would be all screwed up because of Superboy's parts in it since SB is a clone/robot/andriod/something now, and didn't exist before that. It's insulting to the fans who had read it to simply be like, "Well, I didn't like the way those stories turned out, so they're gone now." but that's the new DC.

    I loved PAD's Aquaman, Saidi. But then I love almost anything PAD does, so there's that too(Young Justice!!!). But his Aquaman was interesting. I like Namor too though. The more of an asshole Namor acts like, the more I like him! Honestly, with the reboot, I'd say Didio is DEFINITELY below Quesada now. At least lately Marvel has been getting their shit together, DC? To be determined.

  7. well i didnt like brightest day at all (cept the art during the aquaman segments) so i still have that going for me

    oh and that Blackest Night wonder woman mini we talked about before witch u dispised
    i got around to reading it
    didnt care for it all ether

    oh well i still agree that lord summers, diamond bitch, hope, and utopia are all shit

    well anyways thats cool man

  8. I've gotta say, you are the most positive comic fan I know, Movieartman! Not that there's anything wrong with that, at least you're gonna enjoy the comics you buy...

  9. I hated thisd Aquaman, and I want to read the PAD version now. I don get it, how Geof Pretends reinvent the wheel Aquaman is a badass and dot. I dont need an entire issue with people laughing of him.

    And When he was in the reastaurant, he beg to the people to leave him eat in paece, I was like WTF ??

  10. HA, I almost forgot, I anwser you why I dont like this Issue in my blog..

    When I saw al the Guardians dead I was like WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED HERE?
    and i dont have the anwser IN the book so that really annoy me.

  11. Yeah, the fact that Johns was writing Aquaman was all the reason I needed to not read it, Alien.

    "When I saw al the Guardians dead I was like WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED HERE?" Huh... See, I didn't read Green Lantern or Green Lantern Corps so I just figured that the Guardians died in one of those two comics and ignored it. But if the Guardians were fine in GL #1, I'm TOTALLY baffled by that scene in this comic!

  12. no aparently, the Dead of the Guardian hapenned in the original "Emerald Twilight" back in 1994 at the beggining of Kyle Rayner carrer as a green lantern,

    I read Green Lanterns comics from Blackest Night to now, so I dont Know anything about Green Lanterns back story, how is DC pretending to get into neew readers whit begginins like that.

  13. Oh yeah, I know that, I LOVED Emerald Twilight! That was my favorite GL story. Hal killing everybody? Awesome!!! But why would THAT be carried over in the new DCU? That's why I figured it had happened again, but now that means that Hal HAD killed the Guardians in the new DCU? I don't get it...

    As for DC, I don't know what they're thinking... Many of these comics really weren't great jumping on points...

  14. It helps show Hal's misdeeds since he's currently ringless and that's one of the reasons the Guardians have lost trust in Hal. Duh X, Duh. :P

  15. Wait, what? I seriously didn't get anything you said there, JT... What the hell are you talking about?!

  16. Hal has no ring, hence Sinestro having his ring currently. So by keeping the Guardians being taken out by Hal in continuity, that adds more reasons that the Guardians would be weary to trust Hal with a ring, especially after running around with the other Color Corps leaders for the past year, which helped contribute to him losing his ring.

  17. Great job on the art saidi! They all are very recognizable, which is impressive with a smaller statured piece. keep up the good work!

  18. So did Hal kill the Guardians during that Lantern War crap back before the reboot, JT? I'm sorry if this is all common sense, but since I didn't read the GL books before the reboot, I have NO clue how it ended... To me it seemed like a flat out retelling of Kyle's original origin, which took place after HAL killed the Guardians in retribution for Coast City's destruction.

  19. Nope the only "Guardian" that Hal Killed in the War of the Green Lanterns event was Krona (the renegade Guardian). The rest of the guardians pissed of, because Green Lanterns aren´t able to Kill Guardians (even Evil guardians), and take off Hal´s ring. Plus he was hanging out with the other Color corps.

    So for me they were retelling Kyles origin in this issue.

  20. "So for me they were retelling Kyles origin in this issue." So that had to be it then... It's weird they'd keep Kyle's origin the same, because it makes things REALLY confusing. Showing all of the Guardians dead is just going to confuse people who didn't know about Hal's rampage during the 90's...

  21. " Showing all of the Guardians dead is just going to confuse people who didn't know about Hal's rampage during the 90's..."

    That is exactly how I feel

  22. Yep, my bad if that was confusing X, but I was trying to say what Alien said, they were basically showing us Kyle's origin then kicking off the issue. I would've started with having Kyle reminisce about it or something instead of starting with that then jumping to present day.

  23. Ah, cool. Thanks gents. I thought something happened in the War of the Lanterns or whatever it was called that you were referencing, JT. Like Krona killed all the Guardians again or something and THAT'S how Kyle got the ring in THIS DCU. That's why what you said confused me, 'cause I hadn't read it. But yeah, seriously, Bedard probably should have framed that scene better, you know, put a caption saying something like: "Two Years Ago..." so we'd know when the hell this all happened.