Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fear Itself: Hulk vs Dracula #2

Hey look, it's another vampire-oriented comic book! This time from the Marvel side of the fence! The title of this one tells you pretty much all you need to know, I'd think.

Fear Itself: Hulk vs Dracula #2(of 3):

Summary: Dracula's legion of monsters don't fare well against the Serpent-possessed Hulk, who tears the monsters apart. With his plans thus far failing, Dracula decides to let his vampire enemy, Raizo Kodo, try his hand at stopping the Hulk. Kodo sends out his band of not-so-evil vampires to evacuate a village in the Hulk's path, since the vampires had been able to glean that the Worthy were intent on creating fear for the Serpent, and no villagers means no fear. While Kodo's band of vampires engage the Hulk, Kodo himself pores through every available piece of information Dracula had been able to gather on the Hulk/Bruce Banner. As expected, Kodo's vampires are taken apart by the Hulk quickly, which leads to Kodo grabbing a picture from Dracula's Hulk information center and heading to the Lord of Vampires with it. Kodo hands Dracula the picture and tells Dracula that the vampires were going about things all wrong since there was no force on Earth that could defeat the Hulk. Kodo leaves and tells Dracula that stopping the Hulk was beyond the capabilities of the Vampire Nation. Dracula's lieutenants are incensed at Kodo's perceived insult to their Lord, and Dracula studies the picture handed to him before telling his lieutenants that they had an hour to amass their forces to stage a final assault against the Hulk.

Thoughts: So the picture was of Betty, right? And presumably Kodo is going to fetch Betty(or Red She-Hulk or whatever the hell she's called now) to try to reason with Hulk since brute force wasn't the answer. And Dracula is going to send his mouthy lieutenants off to face the Hulk as a distraction because Dracula KNOWS what Kodo was planning and wanted to buy him time... At least that's how I saw the end of this comic. Otherwise Dracula just looks like an idiot who's going to go rushing headlong into an unbeatable foe, and I'd have to think that being alive for several centuries has taught Dracula patience... But who knows! Maybe Dracula IS an idiot and Kodo IS a coward, and the Hulk will leave the vampires alone after he receives his inevitable summons from the Serpent. Whatever happens, I will say this... This issue was much better than the prior one, and after reading this issue I'm interested in seeing how this mini-series concludes.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.This has NOTHING to do with this issue, but I liked it so here it is.

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