Monday, October 24, 2011

Captain America Corps #5

It's the last issue of the Cap Corps mini-series... This mini has left me feeling kind of conflicted about it, but I'll hit more on that during the “Thoughts” section of this post. Let's get to it.

Captain America Corps #5(of 5):

Summary: Having dealt with the majority of the Americommand forces, US Agent, Commander A and Bucky Cap head to 1941 Cap and American Dream to assist them against the Americommand's leaders. The battle swings in the direction of the Americommand when Machinesmith, in the body of a massive Ameridroid attacks. However, the reality warping wave from Superia's Cosmic Cube hits the room, reverting all of the members of the Americommand leadership to their normal appearances, which takes Machinesmith and Major America out of the equation. With her plans falling apart, Superia decides to grab the Cosmic Cube and use it even though it wasn't fully charged up yet. Superia's underling, Bright Star betrays Superia and snatches the Cube for herself and prepares to warp reality to HER whims. Before she can though, everybody in the room is sucked into the Cube where they meet with the Contemplator, who had been pulled into the Cube last issue. It seems that he's managed to gain some semblance of control of the Cube between issues and has figured out that if 1941 Cap combined with one of the many Steve Rogers that Superia had captured and put in the Cube reality MIGHT right itself... Or Steve would be eliminated from reality in 1941, which COULD completely change the way WWII turned out. Steve does what you'd expect, and merges with one of his alternate reality counterparts and reality is righted, with all of the various heroes returning to their proper places in the timestream... 1941 Cap forgets what happened(for the moment), US Agent gets stuck back in the mess he was pulled out of, American Dream remembers it all and is honored to have had the chance to serve with the heroes she did. Bucky Cap is met by Steve Rogers(who both remember the mission) in the(pre Fear Itself) present and hands himself over to the authorities to face his crimes as the Winter Soldier, and we end this one 400 years in the future where Commander A is christening a new carrier as the USS Steve Rogers, showing that Steve's legacy, the thing Superia tried so hard to wipe out, never did die.

Thoughts: So about those conflicted feelings... You see, I STILL profess that this mini-series should have had the Red Skull as the main villain... I mean Superia is okay and all, but it was a Captain America story bridging 5 different generations of Cap. How COULDN'T the Skull be the mastermind here!? Now with that said, Roger Stern did a great job with Superia as the main threat here. Granted, she is no Red Skull, but she played the villain's role well. Most importantly, this mini-series gave me what will probably be the final Bucky-as-Cap appearance we'll ever be graced with... That's really pretty sad... I mean even if Bucky were to come back(fingers crossed), it wouldn't be as Captain America, so this was it for him as Cap(except in flashbacks)... Taking everything into account, I did enjoy this issue and this mini, and so I'll give it a score of...

Score: 8 out of 10.Dammit do I miss Bucky......

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