Saturday, October 1, 2011

Justice League Dark #1

Let's take a look at the comic book that sounds like it should be a candy bar, Justice League Dark! Hmm, you know, I could go for some dark chocolate Raisinets right about now...

Justice League Dark #1:

What Happened: The Enchantress is losing her mind and throwing all sorts of unstable magic spells around. Superman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg go to stop her but are unable to cope with her magic and are defeated. Zatanna decides to go after the Enchantress against the wishes of Batman, and Madame Xanadu contacts Shade The Changing Man and tells him he needs to collect several other mystic individuals to deal with the Enchantress.

The Good: Hmm, not much to be honest with you... I guess the storyline holds some potential. A series that has both Zatanna AND John Constantine in it can't be all bad...

The Bad: This issue was as confusing as all hell. It had random cloned woman getting run over by cars, people babbling gibberish, and all sorts of other weird happenings. We really didn't learn all that much about the characters who are starring in this series.

The Verdict: I WANT to like this series SO bad... I really do. I mean it's right in my wheelhouse, what with the magic, and Zatanna and stuff... But this issue just didn't do it for me, which means it too will be put on the dreaded 3 more issues list... If things don't pick up by issue #3, it'll be so long, good-bye JLD.

Score: 4 1/2 out of 10.At least Constantine said “bollocks”...


  1. This is exactly the same way I feel about this book. I want so much to love it but the first issue didn't really deliver. Hopefully it gets better in the next couple of issues.

  2. I thionk this is the gerneral feeling.. Everybody wants to loves this issue, but...

  3. At least we all seem to be in the same boat, guys. I've got my fingers crossed, Simon... This was one of the series I was most excited about back in June, here's hoping this was simply a poorly done set-up issue and things really pick up from here.

  4. Lol, I guess I'll be the only one who really enjoyed this issue. I wasn't too confused, maybe the multiple blond haired women running around. Reminded me of "Girls" by the Luna Bros. I was a big fan of mystery genre books, I think this issue had enough mystery for me. I'm definitely ready to read the next issue. I hope the next issue locks in your vote to keep reading this series. I won't know who to depend on for the reviews for this comic, lol.

    And just a note, the art was wonderful, lol.

  5. HA! I honestly didn't get the story in this one, Lisha! At all! I'm still hoping that this series picks up because I've been LOVING the Hellblazer series! I read like 20 issues over the course of the past two days! They're THAT good! And I'll def take your word on the art, you're the resident expert in that area! :D

  6. We've been really on and off about these New 52 comics, lol. We're usually in sync, what did you do!!?!

    I really do hope that this series picks up. It's always nice being able to discuss opinions of comics with you.

    It was really good to see Z again. And the fact that this early on she's ready to kick ass, makes me even happier to see her in this comic.

  7. HA! Why does it have to be my fault! :P Yeah, it's been weird, we've been way off this past month... Maybe as the DC books get more established we'll fall back in sync again.

    Z's part may have been my favorite with the way she took care of Bats like he was nothing. That was great.

  8. Lol, it's always easy to place the blame on someone else. ^_^ I really do hope we sync back up. I'm starting to feel bad if you hated a comic I loved....liiiiike Aquaman!!! Lol. I loved it, but I know you're anti-johns so there's no hope in us sharing opinions about that.

  9. HA!! That is so true! That's why I blame everything I can on JT! :P

    And you're right about that, I am NOT interested in the LEAST in anything written by Johns!

  10. Lol. Aww poor JT. I do the same thing sometimes. :-P

    Lol, ah man if Johns only knew how much you hated him. I think if given the chance, you were able to tell him how you felt. He'd wanna crawl in a hole for the rest of his life, lol.

  11. HA! I'm kind of surprised JT hasn't suddenly popped up here yet... :D

    I'd ask if he wanted the PG version of my thoughts on him and what he did to DC or the R-Rated thoughts... I'd hope he'd ask for the R-Rated thoughts because then I'd REALLY have a blast! :D

  12. Lol. You've jinxed it. Now JT's bound to pop up at any moment, lol.

    And I vote R-Rated!! lol. I'd pay for that, popcorn and all.

  13. Bwahahaha here I am! I thought this issue was alright, nothing amazing but I'd read the next few issues if Lisha grabs them.

    It seemed weird to me that even though Supes is vulnerable to magic that his armor is as well... like really? What's the point of having armor if teeth can slice through it...

  14. Scary, JT has arrived... As expected! :P

    The Hellblazer books I've been reading lately have been WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than this issue was. Here's hoping Milligan channels his Hellblazer work and moves it to JLD.