Saturday, October 8, 2011

X-Men #19

And I've hit bottom... Well, the bottom of this week's new comic pile at least. This was the comic I was least looking forward to. So after this I have no new comics to review for the rest of this week... But don't worry true believers, I'll still be posting reviews and/or scans as we lead up to Wednesday and yet another new comic day. But that's for tomorrow. Let's get this comic out of the way first.

X-Men #19:

Summary: Pixie and Lee Forrester manage to free Lord Summers, Emma Frost and the Invisible Woman from their prison. While that's going on, Magneto is rescuing Wolverine, the Thing and Skull the Slayer from some Scorpius soldiers. The leader of the Scorpius and some of his goons arrive at the gateway back to Earth and confront Reed Richards and Dr. Nemesis. It's at this time Dr. Doom reveals his duplicity to the Scorpius leader and all of the recently freed X-Men and FFers stage an attack on the Scorpius forces. The Scorpius forces fall, and the two teams work together to defeat the leader of the Scorpius, who, as luck would have it, had an amulet that contained enough power to send the two teams back to Earth. Lee and Skull decide to remain in the Scorpius dimension, and the X-Men and FFers are sent back home. The end.

Thoughts: Um, so the whole idea of this storyline was that the X-Men wanted to rescue Lee and bring her home due to a SOS beacon she sent out that was found by the FF... Right? So how does this storyline end? Lee tells the X-Men, “Whoops, I actually want to stay here! Sorry for the inconvenience!” and the X-Men and FF head home... What a waste this storyline was. I really can't think of many positive things to say about this one actually... I guess I enjoyed the interaction between Doom and Magneto? Meh. Here's hoping Victor Gischler gets back to the strong stories he was telling during the early parts of this series, because I really didn't enjoy this one at all.

Score: 3 out of 10.Why couldn't these two be plotting against the X-Men and FF here?


  1. A este se lo ve hasta en la sopa =P

    Another series to Wolvie?

  2. Wolverine IS everywhere you look! I'm going to guess(hope!) that it's a mini-series starring Wolvie and Quire... Because I'm really not interested in ANOTHER Wolvie ongoing!