Friday, October 14, 2011

Ultimate X-Men #2

It's another issue number two for a series, but this time, it's from Marvel... Weird. I enjoyed the first issue of the new Ultimate X-Men book, but am still kind of dubious about the team line-up... But hey, it's the X-Men, so it can't be THAT bad, right?

Ultimate X-Men #2:

Summary: Oh give me a break... *sigh*... This issue gets started with Rev. Stryker and his Purifiers managing to capture Jimmy Hudson... Et tu, Nick Spencer? From there we head to Manhattan where Shroud(Kitty Pryde), Iceman and the Human Torch have emerged from the Morlock tunnels to help Rogue escape from a Nimrod style Sentinel. The trio of mutants attack the Nimrod but have little to no success in defeating it. As a matter of fact, they can barely even put a dent in the thing! Ultimately Shroud tells the boys to retreat to a predetermined location and manages to grab Rogue, fall through the street and land in a passing train, thus escaping. When Shroud and Rogue meet up with the Torch and Iceman later on, Rogue reveals she headed to Manhattan at the behest of God, leading the the Torch(and probably the other two mutants) to believe Rogue had flipped her lid. From there Stryker kills a woman who had helped mutants, and we discover that something fishy was happening in Egypt.

Thoughts: Goddammit! Can't I go six damn months without a damn Stryker in one of the goddamn X-books?! The Purifiers are a group that can be interesting, but in SMALL doses! I mean seriously, since M-Day, they seem to be butting heads with the 616 X-teams every other month. I get that with no new mutant villains in the 616 the X-Men are stuck constantly battling the same hate mongers issue after issue, but we CAN get new mutants villains in the Ultimate Universe! There's no reason for Stryker and the Purifiers to pop up here, especially this early in the series, ESPECIALLY since it wasn't that long since the 616 X-Men battled them! So there's my major complaint about this issue. Other than that, I enjoyed this one. I really like the pairing of Iceman and the Torch, their personalities mesh really well, and the fact that there's a godlike figure emerging from Egypt obviously gives me hope for an Apocalypse storyline. But the Stryker garbage REALLY hurt my enjoyment of this issue. If Jimmy pops a claw in that loser's brain he'll solidify his place as my favorite Ultimate character.

Score: 6 out of 10.Huh, I never realized how much I missed Johnny...


  1. are you still getting generation hope?
    check thease pages funny?... perverted?.... disturbing?

  2. I'll be getting Gen Hope again starting with the next issue(#13). I figure I'll give the new series writer(James Asmus) a chance. As for those two pages, I'm going to go with funny and definitely disturbing! :D

  3. I HATE STRYKER! Fuck that ecclesiastic douche, yes he was in God loves Man kills & it was a good story, but that's it! for the rest he's your unentertaining average religious fundamentalist( & boy Do I have enough of these in real life!For the love of God! tolerance is a part of the contract in any religion ! shame most people don't get that...)

  4. hey sups man some news from comic con
    loki will apearently face damin hellstrom the son of satan
    whom i believe ur a fan of

    and aparently main universe hawkeye will be getting a new outfit more akin to his ultimate one
    and might be joning the secret avengers
    how do feel of this

  5. oh oh oh omg
    rick remnder writer of the curent incredible uncanny x-force book will start working on secret avenger

    and acording to matt fraction talking about the new defenders book
    "By the time it's done, I promise you will know why everything in the Marvel Universe has ever happened"
    mabye i give in to hype a little to easy but that kinda saounds badass

  6. sorry for the repetitive commenting
    aprarently sabretooth and the dark pheneox are coming back.

    1.) romulus degraded victors mind to the point that NOTHING but the feral beast was left
    2.) wolverine cut sabretooths head off with the mursamara blade Killing him
    3.) wolverine went to hell.... and cut sabretooths soul to PECIES

    there is no character in the history of comics that is deader than sabretooth
    this is ABSURD!

  7. "for the rest he's your unentertaining average religious fundamentalist" Exactly! For a character like that you can get one good story... And that's usually it. He's such a boring character imo. I mean for a character like that there's just no opportunity for any character development, and if you can't/won't try to develop the character, then why bother using them? He's somebody who should get killed in the next issue and never be spoken of ever again.

    No problem with the multiple posts, Movieartman. If not for your posts I prob wouldn't know about half this stuff, so thanks!

    Let's see... I don't necessarily like the fact that Hawkeye's outfit is getting changed to look like the Ultimate version, but if that's what it takes to get Hawkeye more attention, I'm fine with that. Same with Hawkeye on the Secret Avengers. You're not gonna hear me complaining about that! Plus Hawkeye, Beast, Pym and Valkyrie make up a pretty awesome team!

    Rick Remender getting Secret Avengers is GREAT news! Prob the best thing I've read all day! After the last issue of SA, I'm ready for Warren Ellis to move on to something else, and Remender hasn't done wrong by me all year, so I'm really looking forward to that!

    As for Defenders, it's not something I've put on my pull list yet, but I'll almost certainly try out the first issue when it drops.

    I get where you're coming from with Sabretooth, but the problem is that without Tooth, Wolvie doesn't really have that BIG rival villain... If anything they never should have killed him since he was always Wolvie's #1 enemy. With Wolvie heading up the school now, I can understand bringing Tooth back to see how he'd react to the way things have gone for Wolverine. As for the Phoenix thing, I'd much rather just plain Jean Grey came back as opposed to something like Dark Phoenix, or another lackluster Phoenix Endsong/Warsong mini-series. Now is the perfect time to finally pull the trigger on a Jean/Wolvie romance, that right there would lead to all sorts of storyline possibilities, especially when it comes to Lord Summers and characters like Daken or X-23 who either haven't or have hardly ever interacted with Jean.


    Looking at all the Marvel news I am probably the most excited to see Avengers Academy vs. the Runaways. I always liked the Runaways but they always end up canceling it. It will be nice to see them back.

    Also, it looks like Cable is back and hunting Avengers while Venom is going to be a Secret Avenger. Looks promising.

  9. I've got to say, Marvel looks STRONG going forward! All DC had was their one major gimmick, and now that the 52 relaunch junk has come and gone, I have to admit, the Marvel books I'm picking up are looking WAY more appealing to me than the DC ones. But then that'll happen when one company has plans for the future while the other company is trying to rebuild themselves from the ground up. Sure, there are some things I didn't like(come on, do we REALLY need X-23 in Avengers Academy? Didn't she already kill one promising teenage heroes book?), but even the stuff I wasn't too keen on has a silver lining(The Runaways return! Finally!!). I have to say, come 2012, I wouldn't be shocked to drop a majority of my DC titles and pick up even more Marvel books!

  10. That is true X I'm feeling the same about DC now. Im taking over a lot of DC Books right now, But looking forward for some Marvel stuff, and it looks really promising. so sure I will have to Drop some DC books.

  11. Wow, I'm surprised to hear that, Alien. For me it's like now that the excitement from the 52 relaunch is finished, there's nothing much to get psyched for. There are a few DC books I'm still REALLY excited about(Nightwing, Red Hood, Batman), but for the most part I'm happier reading Marvel books. I guess DC's loss is Marvel's gain.

  12. In spite of your hate for the purifiers, this story arc sound promising. I'll probably start picking this series up soon. The purifiers are great villains imo, not for who they are, but for how the x-men respond to such unreasoning, human evil. A few comments on the news items:

    -Gen hope is hopeless, because the entire concept behind Hope as mutant messiah is beyond stupid.

    -Agree that 'tooth never shoulda been killed. That murasama blade crap was one of the dumbest plot devices I've seen in comics. I'm looking forward to his return. Bring back Omega Red while you're at it!

    -Really not excited about the Phoenix thing AT ALL. There has been exactly one good storyline involving Phoenix, and Jean Grey died at the end of it. Since then it has been all bad. Space chicken is a terribly stupid idea, I don't care much for Rachel, and after Jean was resurrected, there were few if any memorable story lines involving the character. I am in the minority here, but I would much, much rather see her stay dead. With mutant repopulation underway, and regenesis (and the return of cable) coming up, I think the x-universe is just fine without any cosmic intervention.

  13. Agreed, the Purifiers CAN be good villains, but I'm just so sick of seeing them... Since Decimation they've basically been the X-Men's main(only?) threat, due to the lack of new villains. Seriously, they make WOLVERINE seem underexposed! And now naturally they sprout up in the Ultimate Marvel U. There are enough groups against the mutants in the Ultimate Universe(Hell, the gov't passed a shoot them on sight order!), I don't think we need the tired Purifiers there as well. I'd have much rather seen them pop up 5 years from now after being gone for 5 years. But that's just my two cents on that.

    I honestly can't disagree with that remark on Gen Hope. I mean that's why I always call her Our Lord and Savior Hope. It's just such a absurb gimmick. Seriously, where can Hope as a character possibly go? Once you decide somebody is the Messiah, I think that's about the apex of their development. I'll still give Gen Hope a shot under the new writer, but I'm definitely not holding out a lot of hope for that series... HA!! "a lot of hope"... I slay me!

    I could not agree more. One of my earliest comic books was Omega Red's first appearance and he was written as a total bad-ass. I'd love to see him return as THAT Omega Red. Now that the Wolverine Goes to Hell/Red Right Hand storyline has wrapped up Wolvie is in dire need of some villains.

    I'm not in love with the Phoenix(it always made Jean TOO strong and tended to back writers into the corner), but I've always been a fan of Jean's, so I'd definitely welcome her back. Plus she's been gone for so long it would be really interesting to see her reaction to all of the stuff that's gone down in her absence. There are tons of interesting Jean stories out there begging to be told.


    To make things better Victor should wear that garbage's skull as a decoration for his belt! Fuck that hackery of a story, BAH!