Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ultimate Spider-Man #2

I was lukewarm on the introduction of Miles Morales as the new Ultimate Spider-Man last issue, but I'm still willing to give him a shot. He's a likable character, but some of the story elements from last issue just didn't work for me. With Miles origin out of the way, here's hoping things pick up this issue.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #2:

Summary: After being bit by a spider last issue, young Miles Morales has suddenly gained various super-powers. After using a few of these powers(shock powers and invisibility), Miles runs to his friend's house and confides in his friend that he may be a mutant. Miles and his friend talk and talk and talk and talk... Then Miles dad comes by to pick Miles up and they talk and talk and talk and talk and... Okay, to be honest, by this point I began to just flip through the pages of this comic because I was bored nearly to tears. This one ends with Miles friend texting him that Spider-Man got his powers from a spider-bite, and Miles realizes that he wasn't a mutant was was a... um, Spider-Man.

Thoughts: Good GOD does Bendis LOVE useless dialogue!!!!!! It's horrible!! Where a normal writer would have Miles simply tell his friend, “I was bitten by a spider!” and Miles friend would respond with something similar to, “Wow, that sucks, are you okay?”. In Bendis-land, that conversation goes on for several panels and ends with Miles friend REPEATING, “You got bit by a spider?” at the end of the conversation... After it had been established, PARAGRAPHS ago that YES, he was bitten by a goddamn spider!!! And then there was the conversation between Miles and his father... It went on for six pages and those pages? They were FULL of useless dialogue... What could have been said in maybe 2 pages(Miles Dad: “I used to be a small-time crook with your uncle, but after having you, I stopped with the crime, but my brother is still stealing stuff.”) took SIX pages!!! Listen, a good comic book has three main facets... #1 is a great story. #2 is great dialogue. And #3 is great art. In that order. Terrible dialogue or awful art can kill a good story, and sadly, I think that's what's happened here. The dialogue just ruined this series for me. I'll give this series one more issue, and if Bendis can't control himself? I'll be dropping it.

Score: 1 out of 10.Did you ever wonder how somebody could say something but not really be saying anything? Read a Bendis written comic book and you'll understand.

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