Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Mutants #32

Huh, how did I not read this issue already... Oh well. Usually this is one of the first comics I read when it comes out on account of it featuring my all-time favorite comic book character and all. Well, better late than never.

New Mutants #32(Fear Itself tie-in):

Summary: The New Mutants have pulled Hela off of the roof of her palace and have begun to prepare for the massive invasion from the Serpent's dead goons, the Draumar. The Draumar attack and Hela comes back to life after a bird crawls in her mouth... Yes, really. Moonstar is a bit surprised by that turn of events(as I'd suspect anybody would be), but Hela needed to fake her death so she'd have time to plan a counter-attack against the Draumar, thus the bird containing her life-force crawling in her mouth. Unfortunately, Hela hasn't yet come up with a plan, but does have power enough to enchant the other New Mutants, giving them a fighting chance against the Draumar. While battling the Draumar, Nate Grey(aka the most awesome comic book character ever) notices that the Draumar were somewhat hesitant to engage Warlock in battle since they had no idea what he was, what with Warlock being comprised of advanced technology the likes of which the Draumar could never even begin to comprehend. Nate then asks Hela to make his life flash before the eyes of the Draumar, figuring their minds would NEVER be able to cope with all that Nate has seen through his life. As it turns out, Nate's gamble works(because as previously stated, he is awesome and all) and the Draumar dissipate since they couldn't understand what they were seeing. With that taken care of, Hela thanks the New Mutants for their help by sending them back to Crazy Mutie Island(Utopia) where they are met by Magik, who inquires if they enjoyed their trip to Hell.

Thoughts: Okay, the most important thing about the end of this issue was the reveal that Magik seemed to know that the team wound up in Hell, not Hel, meaning she screwed them over by deliberately giving them the wrong spell. But I'm sure that'll be explored in the next few issues. As for this issue, it didn't really do anything for me. The New Mutants Fear Itself tie-in issues overall didn't do anything for me. Sure, I'm glad it was Nate's idea that ended the threat of the Draumar, thus(presumably) solidifying a spot for himself on the team, but besides the Nate parts, I didn't care for anything else. I mean it was okay, but I am definitely glad the New Mutants Fear Itself adventure has come to a close.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.Awesome, it's the Age of Apocalypse!


  1. You forgot, Magik noticed that Cypher screwed up the spell and sent themselves to Hell instead of Hel. She didn't give them the wrong spell, Cypher just screwed up.

  2. But did Cypher screw up the spell, or did Magik deliberately give them the wrong spell. I don't recall the New Mutants doing the spell near Magik, which would beg the question, why did she ask how "hell" was when her spell was supposed to send them "Hel"?

  3. I haven't read this issue but, IIRC, Cypher was doing the spell in another room. Magik, with her "Detect Magic" ability all magic users seem to have, senses the spell is going wrong and yells out (though nobody could hear her) something like "you idiot, you're screwing up the spell". At least that is how I remember it.

  4. Ah, cool. I'll definitely take your word for that, Jermox. I read so many comics in a week I'm lucky if I can remember the main points of every issue I check out! :P