Friday, October 14, 2011

Batman and Robin #2

Back to DC and another Bat-book. Man, people may talk about Marvel trying to expand the number of titles their lead characters are in(Cap, FF, Spidey, Wolvie), but they don't have ANYTHING on Bats and his 25 monthly books!

Batman and Robin #2:

What Happened: Bruce is still worried about Damian's aggressive tendencies, but continues taking him out to beat up bad guys. That seems counterproductive, but what do I know? Unlike last issue, this issue Damian shows restraint when dealing with some common villains and gets a lukewarm compliment from Bats, which further annoys Damian. Later on Bruce bumps into some guy named Morgan, who, as Nobody, had been killing criminals and members of Batman Inc since he didn't like the idea of Bats branching out. Morgan obviously knows Bats duel identity, and the two debate to end this issue.

The Good: This Morgan guy has good possibilities when it comes to Damian. I like the idea that at his core Damian is still looking for approval from Bruce and not quite getting what he needs. This issue, at least until the end, was a fast, exciting read.

The Bad: The ending here sucked... Usually you want to end a comic with something that'll get fans coming back. This issue didn't accomplish that. Bruce knows this Morgan guy has been killing people left and right but doesn't seem all that bothered by it. Morgan knowing Bruce's secret identity seems really unnecessary, especially this early into the reboot. It cheapens the feel when a villain finally does learn Bruce's identity if some random new character knows that Bruce is Bats.

The Verdict: This was definitely a tale of two comics for me. The first half was engaging and fun, while the second half wasn't. Plus like I stated above, having a new villain already know about Bruce's duel identity cheapens the importance of when other characters discover the secret. There was a time when only a handful of Bat-villains knew Batman's secret(the Al Ghuls, possibly Joker, Bane). Now every other issue it seems another villain knows. Hell, at this pace Bruce might as well go out on patrol without the mask on...

Score: 7 out of 10.Hell, if my father would have told me anything I did was commendable I'd have been overjoyed!

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