Sunday, October 30, 2011

Daredevil #5

Here comes... Daredevil! What, that's what it says right on the cover! This is another one of those comic books that I like, but am not expecting all that much from. It SHOULD be good, but I wouldn't be shocked if it wasn't.

Daredevil #5:

Summary: Using his hyper-senses, Matt Murdock manages to tackle the blind man he was speaking to last issue before the two of them were riddled with bullets. The would be assassins enter the apartment, but Matt is able to easily take them down. From there he rushes the blind guy to one of his safe houses and encourages the blind guy to remember what he heard that had assassins tracking him. After some thought, the blind guy recalls overhearing two Latvarians discussing Hydra while walking down the halls of the company he used to work at. Matt figures that the blind guy's former boss fired him in an attempt to protect him from the higher-ups in the company, who would try to kill the blind guy upon learning that he overheard such sensitive information. Matt, as Daredevil, manages to track the blind guy's former boss to a yacht, since the blind guy's former boss was now also being targeted by assassins. The blind guy's former boss confirms DD's suspicions and tells him that the company he was working for was in bed with all sorts of terrorist organizations. While talking to the blind guy's former boss, some super-powered guy by the name of Bruiser arrives on the yacht, beats DD up and chucks him into the water, ending this issue.

Thoughts: As you can probably tell from the way I wrote the above review, I didn't care for this issue at all... This story just isn't clicking for me. There's really not much more to say... This is a comic that I KNOW I'll have completely forgotten all about by the time the next issue drops.

Score: 5 out of 10.That is one of the worst villain outfits I've ever seen!


  1. Funny you said that, I read the last issue and forgotten what happened until I read your synopsis for this one.

  2. Yeah, this storyline seems to be the very definition of forgettable, Jermox. I KNOW I'm not going to remember a single thing from this one come issue #6...

  3. Man! i completley disagree with you guys on this one! I am loving this daredevil run. But I am also a die-hard fan of mark waid. I love a fun comic and to me this has been pure fun. It's not dark or gritty but its still not lighthearted. Just fun. I am sorry that you guys don't enjoy it all that much. When I am not enjoying a title I go through and read them all in a row again and then decide if I am going to drop it or not. Just a thought! I love the art too, but i can agree on the terrible villain costume!

  4. It's just that these issues seem so episodic. Random villain comes in that we know nothing about or even care about and DD fights him. Maybe they should build up these villains more.

  5. As a fan of both Mark Waid(he's the only reason I even bothered giving Irredeemable a shot) and DD, I'm not going to be dropping this title anytime soon, Cap. But like Jermox, I just haven't found the past few issues all that interesting. I'm seriously wracking my brain trying to come up with what DD did in the first 3 issues and I literally can't recall a thing! Not the story, the villains, nothing! I think a good, long storyarc starring Lady Bullseye, the Owl or the Kingpin would go a long way in giving me something to remember here.

  6. Ah! It was Klaw! That's who DD faced the first few issues! It took me a few minutes, but I remembered... Eventually!