Monday, October 24, 2011

Catwoman #2

Hey, check it out, it's yet ANOTHER DC comic I'm considering dropping! Last issue was a major misfire in my eyes, but as a big fan of Judd Winick, I'm still holding out some hope that he turns it around this issue.

Catwoman #2:

What Happened: After a roll in the hay with Batman, Catwoman steals some painting that is very important to Gotham's Russian mafia. She contacts the two factions of Russian mobsters and sets up a public meeting, telling the mobsters to drop off her money at a predetermined spot and she'd leave the painting for them at Wayne Foundation gala. The two factions of mobsters drop their money off and run into each other in the room where the painting was, which naturally leads to the mobsters shooting it out with each other. CW collects the money and heads back to her friend's home, finding her friend murdered. CW is beaten and this one ends with a villain named Bone introducing himself to her.

The Good: The story was fast paced and made sense. The cliffhanger was strong. CW pitting the Russian mobsters against each other, AND making sure the mobster she hated the most was a part of the shoot-out was nicely done. This Bone guy at the least looks interesting, and has given Catwoman a reason to hate him going forward.

The Bad: So wait, in almost every other Bat-related comic Bruce Wayne is well respected and intent on moving Gotham City to a bright and shiny future, but in this issue he was back to his hard-drinking, playboy ways. I'd have preferred Black Mask in Bone's spot. Catwoman NOT being privy to Batman's secret identity kind of annoys me since as I've pointed out in several other Bat-related posts, EVERYBODY seems to know the identities of either Bruce or his various Robins... Everybody except the woman he's scoring with on the side I guess...

The Verdict: This issue was good enough to win it another month on my pull list, so that should say a lot about what I thought about it. I mean honestly, after the first issue, I REALLY thought I'd be dropping this series really soon. Instead I'm actually looking forward to issue #3, which is somewhat surprising to me. Sure, there are a few things I could nitpick about, but overall this was a very good comic.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.So out of the 74 people who DO know Bruce Wayne is Batman, Catwoman ISN'T one of them... Oooooo-kay then...


  1. This issue ended waaaay to fast for me. I wanted to more. I am really glad Catwoman is doing good by your standards, lol. Okay I admit I rely on you so much when it comes to reviews. Lol.

    I sort of think Bruce was playing the Playboy role in this issue to get close to Selina, or maybe I'm over thinking it. Sometimes I like to see Bruce in his playboy ways. Shows he's one good actor lol. Or maybe he sleeps around to fill the black hole in his soul, lol. Who knows.

    But I really enjoyed this issue of Catwoman. I don't know if I can wait another month for this.

    Oh and had Selina slept with Bruce, I think she would've figured out Bats is Bruce. Lol. I mean that roll in the hay scene was pretty epic looking lol. I don't think a girl can forget that.

  2. "Oh and had Selina slept with Bruce, I think she would've figured out Bats is Bruce." HA! Then we'd see just how good of an actor he really is! See if he could convince her that he wasn't Batman by being awful in the sack or something! :P

  3. I hear that's what X does.... lmao, I couldn't resist buddy.

  4. Jeff you are a total douche. :-\

    X don't pay him no mind. I'll get him Wednesday.

  5. Eh, I never pay JT any mind, so this really doesn't change anything. :P

  6. Lol good. Last thing we need is him thinking he's funny. :-P