Friday, October 21, 2011

Batman #2

Okay, so far the two DC comics I've reviewed today have been EXTREMELY disappointing... Here's hoping Scott Snyder and Batman rectify this situation...

Batman #2:

What Happened: Right off the bat we get the whole, “Dick Grayson as Bruce's assassin” deal out of the way as Dick has a logical explanation for why his DNA was under the dead guy from last issue's fingernails. Still unsure of who the murderer was or why they'd targeted Bruce Wayne, Bruce goes to meet with Lincoln March, who wanted to run for mayor. The two chat for a while before a big guy dressed like an owl throws a bloodied security guard in the room, stabs Lincoln in the stomach with a blade, tosses some blades into Bruce and boots Bruce out a window several dozen stories high. The owl assassin jumps after him, but Bruce manages to land on a gargoyle while the owl assassin falls to his presumed death. Bruce still refuses to believe there's an evil “Court of Owls” operating in Gotham, and the owl assassin from early sits up in the ambulance.

The Good: Eliminating Dick as a suspect early on in this issue was a good move... Seriously, how many people were naive enough to believe that Dick, who has a solo series, was going to be turning evil? The owl assassin had a good look. There's a lot of intrigue here between the Court of Owls, Lincoln March and the owl assassin claiming he loved killing Waynes.

The Bad: Some parts of this comic seemed unnecessary, especially early on... I don't get why Bruce finds this whole Court of Owls idea to be TOO unbelievable when he has battled against a man who looks like a crocodile, seen a man who looks like Two Face and frequently teams with an alien from a destroyed planet...

The Verdict: The good definitely outweighed the bad here(thankfully), but this story is still in the building stages. And it's building slowly. But at least it was better than the other two Bat-family books I've read today...

Score: 8 out of 10.Who DOESN'T love killing Waynes?!

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