Thursday, April 26, 2012

X-Men Legacy #265

Last review of the night goes to X-Men Legacy. Um... That's all I've got.

X-Men Legacy #265:

Summary: So after the events of last issue, Rogue, Weapon Omega and Mimic are all walking bombs now. Beast tries several ways to get the three to lose the energy that was soon going to make them explode, but it's no use as Beast can't seem to fix the problem. He does tell Rachel that if worse comes to worse, she should use her telepathy to put the trio into a comatose state that would prevent them from exploding. Rachel doesn't like that idea, but realizing it was either that or let them blow up, taking the school with them, she had no real choice. Eventually Mimic recalls a fight he had against the Super-Adaptoid and how he defeated it(by absorbing it's powers as it tried to absorb his, causing it to short out), and figures that using the same strategy was worth a shot. With time running out and no other options, Beast gives the trio of bombs the go-ahead and the gamble seems to work as Rogue and Mimic lose the bomb energy... However, Omega still has it(as he expected). Omega seems resigned to his fate, but Mimic convinces him to not give up on his life and to allow Mimic to place Omega in a coma, that way Beast could keep looking for a cure/fix. Mimic and Omega say their good-byes to each other and Mimic shuts down Omega's mind. With that, Mimic asks Rogue is he could remain at the school since he didn't want to leave his friend behind, and seeing how heroically Mimic acted throughout this entire ordeal, Rogue tells Mimic he could stay.

Thoughts: Eh. This issue was okay, and all, but I never really felt anybody was in any real danger. We all knew Rogue and/or the school wasn't going to blow up, and we knew Rogue wasn't going to be placed in a coma, which meant that at the very least, she'd be cured, and by that logic, if she could be cured, so could the other two. In the end though, Omega WASN'T cured, but to be honest, I really don't care about Omega, so his plight didn't really touch me much. And for a story like this, one that's supposed to be emotional and all, not caring about one(or two) of the tragic characters kind of reduces the impact of the story. Or at least that's my feelings on things here.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.
x-men legacy #265
I'm glad SOMEBODY remembers that Mags is the scum of the Earth!


  1. I've been thinking.. why do artist have some odd tendency to switch Toad's appearance between a normal human look, with slight dis-figuration, to this green, goblin-like look? I recall that he actually looks more human and... w.e that is..
    Is it just to give the guy more grief?

  2. That is SUCH a great question... Toad's appearance is one of those things that just kept changing. There was Silver Age Toad, who looked relatively human and was just sort of short. Then the X-Men movie came out and he kind of looked like that version(taller and with a few different powers). That was in New X-Men iirc. Then somewhere along the line he turned green, shrunk again and is the Toad we have now! I have NO idea how he's done that! Forget secondary mutations, Toad's on his third or forth mutation!

  3. Mimic doesn't absorb powers. he copies or mimics them.

  4. I was actually waiting for Mimic to plant one on Omega at the end. But, besides the fact that Gage went a little overboard, the emotions were something different. I liked the tribute to friendship, because, post-"Schism," I thought it was nice to be reminded that the X-Men are supposed to have each other's backs like Mimic and Omega had each other's. I also thought Gage did a good job using it as a mirror to Rogue's only struggles with identity. It was pretty solid for me.

    I have no idea what's happening with Toad. I hadn't realized it before, but you're both totally right. WTF?

  5. "I was actually waiting for Mimic to plant one on Omega at the end." Right! I swear, I was thinking the same thing, JW! It actually would have fit for both characters and made the ending even more dramatic/poignant. And I didn't even see it, but Gage did a great job of showing how Mimic and Omega were like so many of the X-characters used to be, not just post-Schism, but I'd go all the way back to post-House of M, which is when key relationships(Scott/Xavier, Xavier/everybody, the entirety of the Academy X kids, Bishop, Forge, etc) really changed up.