Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mighty Thor #12.1

Last review tonight? Let's stick with the Avengers theme and check out Mighty Thor. And hey, it's a Point One issue! The best thing about that? I save a dollar!!

Mighty Thor #12.1:

Summary: Now that everybody can remember Thor again, Volstagg and Sif spend this issue reminiscing about Thor. The two talk about his early adventures, and how they all seemed to involve Loki in some way or another. Basically detailing how strong the bond between the two “brothers” was. However, in the end, the duo aren't sure that while Loki may be a child once more, he isn't somehow using Thor's love for him as a weapon to achieve Loki's many nefarious plots.

Thoughts: This was a fun little read. Sure, it pointed at Loki and pretty much said, “Don't be shocked when he becomes evil again!”, but maybe that's a bit of misdirection by Matt Fraction? Hopefully? Eh, I guess deep down I know that Loki is going to become evil, malevolent Loki again, as opposed to fun, impish Loki, but I want the former Loki to stay away for a while longer...

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.
mighty thor #12.1
Gah, Thor is one ugly woman!


  1. NEW HAWKEYE ONGOING ANNOUNCED kate bishop of the young avengers will be a side character.

    matt fraction will be writing......... DOH!
    i like fraction but the rest of the world seems to be on a leob level rage against him right now

    1. you know...this just occured to me but Fraction did say "Young Avengers fans will be happy in the coming months"

      Could this be what he was referring to? I'm hoping there's more to it than just Kate getting a side role

  2. I think Sif is just jealous because Loki was the only one who remembered Thor so she has to be all "HE'S EVIL" to justify it lol.

    The interesting thing is though, that Volstagg already knows of Loki's hand in Thor's death. So it kind of makes me wonder why he's going along with her.

  3. Sif barely contains her disdain for Loki during her segments.she's awful ,My hatred of her character finally hit

    Her character is what makes people hate her.
    Also, Marvel. I WANT to like Sif, so please stop making her so damn unlikable.

  4. AWESOME news, Movieartman! Totally awesome! And regardless of what people think about Fraction, he's a big name writer for Marvel right now, which gives me hope that Marvel is actually planning on giving Hawkeye a decent push for a change... And I love the idea that Kate will be there too. Man, that series could make up for all the crap I've had to put up with when it comes to my favorite archer lately!

    That's right, Anon, Volstagg does know what Loki did... That came out right at the end of Fear Itself. I'm sure he promised Loki he wouldn't say anything so maybe he's just keeping his word and agreeing with Sif for the sake of agreeing with her? But yeah, that's kind of weird.

    Huh, I didn't pick up on all the Sif hatred here... I mean she didn't seem any worse than usual to me. Now my eyes are open though and I'll be looking at her in a different light.

    1. I hate sif since thor Loki blood brothers

      In the Loki blood brothers mini-series,
      there’s a flashback where we see a young Loki being taunted and called Lackey-son by sif and other children. In that verse he’d just seen his father get killed right in front of him and then he got kidnapped to another planet by the people responsible (his mother is still alive!).
      So here we have a traumatized child, in hostile surroundings, being taunted with his dead dad.
      Sif is creepy in Blood Brothers. Seriously creepy. From the way she talks, I’m pretty sure if Thor told her to drink Aid she’d do it, no questions asked.

      For that Matter, Baldur was really creepy too. Like the Chesire Cat, except not as cool.

  5. Some extra commens about Hawkeye ongoing by Fraction in Newsarama

    I dont Know much about Barton but I really like Kate as a character so I might give it a try... and seems like kate role in the series will be prominent..

  6. I'm not reading much of any Avengers these days. I like Invincible Iron Man and Mighty Thor, just fine, but there's alot of good books out right now and my pull list had to be cut down a bit. Also, Marvel double shipping has really screwed things up for me. I had to drop Venom to continue to read Uncanny X-Force, and I've dropped Amazing Spidey to continue Daredevil and X-Factor. Ugh, I hate budgeting comics.

  7. The Maximoff family needs their own series.
    It would be epic

  8. It's been a few years since I read that Loki mini... And it was before I became a fan of Loki/Thor, so I should def consider giving that a re-read...

    Adding Kate to that Hawkeye series is just adding even more awesome to an already awesome situation, Alien! I can't wait until August!

    I hear ya, Lebeau. The double shipping and the $4 cover price really make it tough to follow(or start) so many Marvel series. The worst is when a series does both! Spidey is a killer and there was a time when X-Force came out three times in four weeks! At $4 a pop that's a hard pill to swallow...

    "The Maximoff family needs their own series.
    It would be epic" I just wanted to say, I agree with ALL of that!

  9. I didn't catch that quote from Fraction, Anon. But considering he's writing that Hawkeye series and Kate is in it, I'd bet that's what he's talking about... I'll still keep my fingers crossed that Tommy and/or Billy pop up in AvX at some point.

    1. The quote was from here:

  10. Thanks a ton for that link, Anon. I often miss out on stuff like that because I'm so busy with the blog! After reading that article it DOES sound like the YA's could be in AvX, but then it also seems like it could have been a ref to Kate in Hawkeye, since he said something like "the YA's are there, but not necessarily as the YA's..." That could mean a single member of the team(like Kate) or a few(Teddy/Tommy/Billy) just not as an official team... I guess we'll have to wait and see...