Monday, April 9, 2012

Venom #15

Two comics up for tonight, and to be honest, I have no idea why they ended up this low in my comic pile... I must have screwed something up when I was putting my books in order on Wednesday... Oh well, it doesn't matter now, the important thing is I FINALLY got to them!

Venom #15:

Summary: Eddie Brock is running around killing lesser known symbiotes... The scenes with Eddie really hammered home for me just how many symbiotes there are running around the Marvel U... You usually only think about Venom and Carnage, but no, there are tons of others... Anyway, getting back on track, Flash is hanging out with the Avengers on The Watchtower The Lighthouse, and has come to the conclusion that he needs the Venom symbiote to feel whole. Naturally Flash doesn't tell the Avengers this fact, and ends up heading back to his place just in time for a visit from Pater Parker. Peter wants to know what was going on with Flash, so Flash lies and claims that he got drunk after his father's death, which is probably a better story than telling Peter that he went on a roadtrip with a known super-villain, battled the devil's son in Las Vegas and then joined a secret team of Avengers... Peter takes Flash out for coffee and while the two are shooting the breeze, Flash decides to tell Peter what was really going on with him... Until Flash's phone rings. It turns out to be his sister, which gives Flash an excuse to ditch Peter before admitting to being Venom. Flash heads to see his mother(as per his sister's wishes) and Flash's mother can tell Flash was being deceptive about something, so Flash again claims he was drunk to hide his life as Venom. From there, Flash heads back to his place and is met by his ex-girlfriend, Betty. Betty pretty much tells Flash that she was sick and tired of their on and off relationship and couldn't deal with Flash's baggage anymore, effectively breaking up with Flash... Forever!!! After Betty leaves, Flash gets a call from the Avengers to see if he was available for a mission, and with how terrible things have been going in his life, Flash is happy for the chance to bond with his symbiote and distract himself.

Thoughts: Now this was way better than that Circle storyline! The focus here was squarely on Flash(where it should be), and while there were no actually fight scenes, there were LOTS of well done character development scenes. Yeah, there were times when this one read a bit slow, but overall, I get the feeling we'll be getting the old Venom awesomeness, as opposed to what we've gotten the past 5 issues or so.

Score: 8 out of 10.
venom #15
I would absolutely buy a Hank and Hank comic book... Hell, I'd buy THREE copies for every issue, and with the way Marvel releases books, that's like 9 issues a month!



    somthing of note Hybrid who brock suposedly killed here is in his separated sybiote forms in Carnage usa witch wraps up next week, so this gives me hope that mabye both the symbiotes arent actualy dead as im pretty sure Carnage usa takes place after this.

    also a New Gambit series has been anounced, details will be released sunday. would u be interesed in said book?

  2. Maybe Eddie was just seperating them? Who knows though. I guess we'll learn more with the next few issues. I'll def be curious to see where Remender is going with the Eddie story.

    Possibly, depending on who the creative team is. I have to say though, I have NO idea why Marvel is going to release a Gambit series... There's no way it'll last more than like 12 issues, but like I said, I'd be willing to try it out depending on who they get to work on it.

  3. I had totally forgotten about all these symbiotes, but I think it's because I don't think I made it all the way through "Venom: Lethal Protector" back in day. Is this symbiote thing leading to a cross-over event? It seems to be going there...

  4. "I had totally forgotten about all these symbiotes" Right, JW? You usually only think of Venom and Carnage(or at least I do...), but damn, there are A LOT of symbiotes out there doing nothing! That Venom symbiote sure did spawn a load!