Sunday, April 29, 2012

I, Vampire #8

Last review of the night is the last issue of the Rise of the Vampires x-over. Here's hoping it picks up big time...

I, Vampire #8:

Summary: It seems that Andrew has returned to life and is able to siphon the magic powers away from Cain and use them against Cain. First Andrew kills all of Cain's vampires and then brings them all back, but under his control. Andrew sics his vampires on Cain and heads over to Mary to make out for a while, apparently forgiving her for, you know, trying to kill him and murder everybody and all. When he was done sucking face(heh, get it, “sucking”? Yeah, it was lame...), Andrew simply decapitates Cain, ending his threat... From there Andrew decides to take the vampires away from Gotham and hide them away somewhere since they had already revealed too much of their secret lives to the world. Andrew uses his uber-vampire powers to erase all records of the day from the minds of the world(except for the JLD and John and Tig). With that, he goes to leave, but not before telling John to enact “Plan B”... What is Plan B exactly? Plan B is to find the Van Helsings, who are vampire hunters and are, according to John, worse than the vampires.

Thoughts: Well, here I was hoping this x-over would make JLD better. In actuality, this x-over made I, Vampire worse! How annoying is that! This series was rolling along nicely until the x-over with JLD, let's hope the Rise of the Vampires was just a minor bump in the road and now that it's finished this series will get back on it's roll of solid comics.

Score: 5 out of 10.
I, vampire #8
So Andrew is kind of/sort of/maybe evil now?


  1. I know I've been MIA but I had to come and read your review for JLD and I Vamp. I'm glad this cross over is done....because JLD really made I Vamp suffer. I was hoping that this crossover would help both comics....but it didn't and somehow the Bat Family managed to get involved and show up for 2-4 pages out of the 4 issues was just a bad attempt at keeping readers who also like Batman, as a character, interested.

    I can't wait to see Plan B take action. I REALLY hope I Vamp gets better after this.

  2. "because JLD really made I Vamp suffer" Right, Lisha!? I was really hoping this x-over would bring JLD up to I, Vampire's level, instead I, Vampire sunk to JLD's level... Plus, like you said, what was up with the random Bat-apperances? It's not like they put Bats on the cover of the comics in an attempt to drive up sales or anything... Bats(and his ilk) were just randomly there... Very strange.

  3. I just knew for SURE that I, Vampire would make JLD so much better than it is. It's almost like the two teams for the books didn't come together to plan out the short storyline. And it was bad enough to have Batman popping in and out but to have Catwoman, Robin and Batgirl in the mix was just really weird. And then him being there to help and then pretty much saying "Screw you guys Gotham needs me" was out of character don't you think? I would think Bats would help with the problem he was there to help with before ditching them to save Gotham. lol. I honestly thought all the vampires had left Gotham. :-\

  4. Yeah, I was really hoping that I, Vamp would pull JLD up with it... On the plus side, Alien informed me that JLD is getting a new writer with the next issue, so maybe things will finally pick up with that series... Hopefully?

    Good point with Bats. If he really wanted to help Gotham, then it was in his best interest to join up with the JLD and try to stop Cain. Ditching them to battle random vampires seemed like such a little picture sort of move from Bats, who is usually a big picture guy.