Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mighty Thor #13

Finishing off this evening is none other than a review for the newest issue of Thor. Now that Thor has returned to his proper place in the Marvel Universe and is remembered by everybody, this series should be great, right???

Mighty Thor #13:

Summary: A dwarf heads to the All-Mothers and tells them he had a mystery that he needed help solving in the dwarf world(I don't remember the name...), one that somehow involved Odin... *cue ominous music* Thor jumps at the opportunity to do some adventuring and follows the dwarf, eventually opening a chamber sealed by Odin himself and coming across a mess of bug-like creatures, followed by a horde of ultra powerful beings. The creatures seem to overwhelm Thor, with the key word being “seem”... The dwarf follows after Thor and discovers a single creature straddling Thor, apparently messing with Thor's mind... I guess... Meanwhile, Donald Blake has a few drinks with the Enchantress and offers his soul in exchange for being a god again.

Thoughts: The hell?! I'm sorry, but I just can't get over that image of that thing straddling Thor... That's just TOO bizarre! And you KNOW I'll be posting that! Besides the hilariously absurd image you'll see for yourself down below, the story here didn't really do anything for me.. So Thor fights some creatures... Or so we think. The more interesting revelation was Blake wanting to become a god again and turning to the Enchantress, of all people, to help him achieve his goal. Hopefully we get more of that and less of Thor being molested by weird creatures next issue.

Score: 5 out of 10.
mighty thor #13
Um...... What the hell is that thing doing to Thor.....


  1. I would just like to point out Thor's line of thinking in this comic "Odin sealed whatever's inside behind this unbreakable door?" "Screw you Dad imma break it anyway! Just cause i can (doesnt matter if you had a reason for it)".

  2. I loved the fact that Thor was just like, "Yeah, sure I'll go to dwarf-land and do some adventuring." And then he just smashes the seal Odin put up! With NO thought in his actions! Like you pointed out, Thor should have realized that Odin PROBABLY sealed that up for a reason... Unless Odin has a reputation for randomly sealing stuff up for no reason whatsoever. Ah, good old Thor...

  3. Also how does Donald Blake still exist I was sure that he was still Thor's alter ego it's just that Thor doesn't switch back to him anymore.

  4. Nothing related But

    I just went fronm the movie theater, I saw The Avengers!!!

    I'm speechless... it is



    If any of you still did not see it, better you stay after the credits...

    Are you considering in doing a review of the movie here?

  5. Oh Sorry I didn't know that the movie is not going to be be premiered at the states until May 4


    I have almost a week to presume you that I wacthed it!!! =) HA

  6. Well, Blake sort of said that he had no memory of his childhood and stuff(in other words the pre-Thor stuff), so maybe he's some kind of loose end that Odin allowed for some reason? Other than that? I have NO clue!

    You're so lucky, Alien! I saw that the movie set TONS of records over the weekend. But yep, here in the US we have to wait until the 4th. If I do go see it(which is a BIG if), I'll DEF do a write-up about it.