Thursday, April 26, 2012

Captain America #10

And now the comic books left in my collection take a nosedive with regards to my interest in them... Don't get me wrong, I love Ed Brubaker's writing and his is(imho) THE definitive run on Captain America, but this current Cap series? I just haven't been that into it... But hey, I'm currently riding a TWO comic book perfect score streak(which NEVER happens!), so maybe this issue with extend that streak to three!

Captain America #10:

Summary: Sharon Carter shares the information Machinesmith gave her last issue with regards to Captain America losing his powers with Iron Man, and IM rigs a device that destroys the nanites Machinesmith had infected Steve with, returning his Super Soldier Serum derived powers to him. After that, Cap and Sharon get word from Hawkeye that Falcon had gotten caught by a Madbomb and was rioting with several others. Falcon sneak attacks Hawkeye and decides to kill him with one of his arrows, but Cap comes in and makes the save. Cap and Falcon fight, and Cap is soon jumped by (ugh) Codename Bravo... Bravo and Falcon double team Cap and manage to take him down, at which time Bravo gets called back to base. Falcon prepares to kill Cap by dropping a big rock on his head(worst death EVER!), but Iron Man arrives on the scene, using a device he created(Tony was BUSY in this issue!) to reverse the effects of the Madbomb, turning the rioters(and Falcon) back to normal. Later on, Cap demands to know why Sharon allowed Machinesmith to escape, so Sharon informs Cap that she had suckered Machinesmith into hopping into a robot body that had a virus in it that was eating away at Machinesmith's memory banks, making him useless to Bravo and the Hydra Queen.

Thoughts: Well this issue sure moved along at a brisk pace! In this one issue Cap was cured, the Madbomb damage was undone and Machinesmith was rendered harmless... Most of this issue was taken up by the fight between Cap/Hawkeye/Sharon and Falcon/Bravo/the rioters(some of whom were undercover Hydra agents for some reason), and those scenes were good. That's this issue in a nutshell. Good. Not great, but good.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.
captain america #10
Damn you, “The Man”!

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